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mythsWe are all learning. Every day we are reading and learning. How to’s and What if’s. The thing is now more than ever there are many keyboard survivalists and article writers who are looking to get traffic with outlandish articles that could hurt you more than help you. On this episode of I Am Liberty we are going to talk about the most popular prepper myths out there.
10-16-15051B1c6BpxTL._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_As you know I am an admitted amateur when it comes to the preparedness game. Though my B.S radar is one of the more fine-tuned in society. I will always do my best to glean out the most pertinent knowledge and get it to you. Be it news stories or fascinating ideas. I am going to the other side tonight and looking to pinpoint those things we may have heard on Nat Geo that could get us killed.

I have talked about many of the more controversial ideas that are worth considering in this topic. Wild edibles are great the knowledge is necessary but if you think wood sorrel and burdock is going to sustain you long term than you might as well scarp the plans for a chicken coop and use that wood for your coffin.

10-16-15Articles claim everything from finding direction by moss growth and staving off hypothermia with alcohol. Reading is always good so long as you can disseminate the real deal from that which would get you killed. It’s important and though we can laugh about it there are many people who believe that they can buy their way out of hunger.

It’s going to be a show for much conversation and contention. I advise you guys to call in and dispel this myths or tell me why you think they are being misdiagnosed. Don’t miss it. Its I Am Liberty live on
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