October 23, 2021


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Preppers and Patriots Expo, May 30-31

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Take Your Prepping to the Next Level at the Preppers and Patriots Expo, May 30-31 in Mountain Home, Arkansas

by John Wesley Smith

Preppers and Patriots ExpoMike Slack is on a mission to help people get prepared. The motto for the Preppers and Patriots Expo, May 30-31, in Mountain Home, AR, is “Two days that can save your life.”

Sessions run both days (Saturday and Sunday) from 9 AM to 6 PM at the Baxter County Fairgrounds. Dozens of speakers and vendors will be there. No more than two speakers per hour are scheduled, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the choices.

And here’s great news. Admission is free. That’s right. Mike wants as many to come as possible, and he doesn’t want the price of admission to be an excuse for you not to attend.

The Preppers and Patriots Expo

Quality of speakers and vendors is one of his chief goals. Attendees think it’s worthwhile driving the distance to the event because they come from several neighboring states to the expos Mike heads up.

Several motels and campgrounds near Mountain Home can provide you with accommodations. This is a family friendly event, too. Check out the farmer’s market, and enjoy barbecue and homemade ice cream.

The Preppers Part of the Expo

As you might expect, you’ll see companies featuring storage food and water purification products. Another company’s focus is on gold and silver, and barter and trade. Others feature essential oils and herbs.

Speakers of the Preppers Part of the Expo will include…

*   Tim Stark on personal protection and self defense

*   Vince Finelli, radio host of “USAPrepares,” on starting a business to help you raise money for your preps

Mike Knox, White Harvest Seed Company on GMO vs. heirloom seeds and why

*   Dawn McPherson on what to do when there’s no pharmacy

*   Dr. Jim Cesar on how to suture wounds

*   Dave Lohr on primitive weapons for survival

*   Mike Brown on steam engines for home energy

*   Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on survival medicine when there’s no doctor

Need to know what to put in your bug out bag? See demonsgtrations for that.

Thinking of moving to a prepper friendly spot? The Ozark region is a great area, and a realtor will be present at the expo who knows about property suitable for preppers.

The Patriots Part of the Expo

One of the organizations present will be Secure Arkansas, a grassroots group who keeps abreast of property rights and constitutional issues as well as health freedom issues. Oath Keepers will be there, as well as CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association), Sheriff Richard Mac’s group. Others will be present to inform attendees about Agenda 21 concerns.

Talk show host John Moore (the Liberty Man) will also be there to speak on such issues as civil unrest and climate change.

Get More Info about Preppers Part of the Preppers and Patriots Expo

Since I can only touch on a few highlights here, listen to my conversation with Mike Slack on DestinySurvival Radio in this player 

When we recorded our conversation, a few details about the expo still needed to be nailed down. But Mike will have everything ready in due time. The speaker lineup will be firmed up and posted a week before the event. Find out the very latest at http://preppersandpatriots.net/ .

Now that warmer weather is here, I hope you’re enticed to take the family on a mini vacation with the Preppers and Patriots Expo as the centerpiece. And you can’t go wrong with free admission.

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