September 25, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preppers LIVE: A Prepper’s Purpose

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Prepper Broadcasting Network. We have to hit the reset button to create a true culture, preparedness, starting at a very young age and so trained all the way up.

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Imagine for a second PBN family that threw all the nightmares that our ancestors and ancestors ancestors lived through, kind of built some bit of pre-programming into our minds, seeing the qualities, seeing the death, ah, the, the, the weak punished and, you know, abused. I mean, the things that our ancestral eyes have seen, it probably really influenced how we came up and how we evolved.

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Now, imagine that those things are kind of hardwired into our brain and that we come together as group. And we have this idea that, you know, a predisposition that may be, we can affect the world, change the world for the better, and we can do so by propping up the weak, by protecting those who have less by almost assuring that those who need, need most of the protection in to help get most of the protection and the health.

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When you think about these things, it’s, it’s kind of, it’s kind of clear and it kind of makes sense. And when you read marks and when you read those types of things, it kind of makes sense in your head. And I’ve been thinking a lot about this crazy communism lately, and you know what I think, I think humans are predisposed to it. I think it’s a natural inclination, literally.

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Like we’re all born with potential to think in this way to weave by their need from each by their A, whatever it is. Ability, I think yeah, there in the pantry, man, what are you doing down here? Sorry. We’re all communists in our four walls. Right. But anyway, I’ve been thinking about this a lot about this idea that we’re, we’re already kind of built this way, where the problems come is when we tried to govern this way.

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Right? So in other words, here we are empathetic. We’ve done our best to build a society that can take care of the people who need it most. And I think we’ve done a great job personally, but there’s always room for improvement. And I’ve just, you know, the old adage about if your, you know, a conservative at a certain age or a liberal at a certain age, no heart, no brain, that whole thing. It’s just a thought that I’ve been given to lately.

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Are we all born communists? Because we were all communists in our, in our house, right? And we might even be communists with people who were really close to us and who we, you know, call extended family or close friends or that type of thing. So the idea that these ideas, the idea that these ideas are, you know, bad and terrible ideas, I think where it gets muddy, where we get in trouble is when people decide how empathy is divvied out, right.

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They, when they decide how the spoils should be given out and to whom they should be given out, and then they decide to govern with those types of ideas or when they did decide to take it from someone else who’s not in their circle and give it to someone else.

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But that’s

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You just a little something to chew on as we live through this divided time and our nation, right? This time we’re pointing across the aisle constantly saying, that’s the bad guy over there. I see him. I know he’s the bad guy. Just think about that. Our We I, you know, is it A, is it just a growing up thing? Is it just the growing up thing you grow up and you realize that, Oh yeah, this just, if you do it this way, it just turns into a dictatorship and people die.

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It sounds good. It works really well in the home and works really well with family. We share money, we share food, we share, you know, everything and wouldn’t it be great if everyone could be our family, wouldn’t it be great if we could treat everyone like our family, and maybe we need to do that with guns and tanks, we need to force people to treat everyone like there. And that’s what you wind up with the A, you know, the Cambodian killing fields. So just something to think about as we get into this episode of Preppers LIVE because you know, we’re going to talk a little bit about purpose tonight.

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We’ve got Jordan with us, we’ve got Dave with us. We’ve got Ryan with us and myself obviously. And A, we’ve got a bunch of topics to cover, probably do a couple of announcements up front because we are essentially a week, well, a weak in a few days away from Prepper camp.

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But we’re mostly going to hone in on a Preppers purpose in society now that we have that’s a very special tonight is Ryan Buford is, I mean, he’s driving through the A, he’s driving through the fallout right now in the vehicle. So he’s going to report to us about what he’s been working on. If you haven’t heard his daily audio cash on the wildfires in the, on, in his neck of the woods, he’s going to reiterate that, but it’s definitely worth listening to that daily audio cash.

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We don’t often get them from Ryan. So I knew it was, it was a big deal. I thought he was quitting. When I first started hearing it, I was like, Oh, he quit via a daily audio cash. That’s a new, it’s never happened to me. No one’s ever broken up with me over daily audio cash before, but it turned out to be something, something much deeper than that. So yeah. What are your thoughts, listening audience, those of you in the chatroom when you, when you’ve, you know, here’s the other thing we got to talk about too, when it comes to a Preppers purpose sorta to start to show off, nobody is so Leah Prepper.

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So that’s one thing like here at The Prepper Broadcasting Network we can get, especially me, you can get over-focused on what is to be a Prepper and what is to be a Prepper even if your, mostly a Prepper A, you know, it’s only one part of you, like nobody is completely in totally just a Prepper who, who lives for just that, you know, were all parents and spouses and brothers and sisters and other things and employees and the whole nine yards.

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But when you sit down with that part of yourself, that is a Prepper. What do you, do you, do you think of yourself as a resource for the World for the members? I posted on a Monday motivation video, which is Monday motivation, something we do every Monday, a health wellness, that kinda stuff. And it was about, it was about how Preppers set up the infrastructure to handle the pandemic. I mean, how people who own companies that were doing horribly were suddenly inundated by the average Joe, who was buying survival, gear, food, emergency radios, all that kinda stuff.

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And to me, it was, it was just me tipping my hat to the Prepper community, because while we were being scorned in mocked, we were, we were setting up businesses in podcast and writing books and building an infrastructure for America. And when America’s time came and they, and we realized things are going to be shut down, there’s going to be food shortages, all this hell, you know, we’re who knows what we’re still moving into. The average American has the ability to fall back on legacy, food storage, or they had the ability to fall back on a whole host of books about, you know, Preppers security are the blueprint preparedness, you know, like just a bunch of great books and knowledge and YouTube videos and podcasts and the whole nine yards that have been, you know, it’s, it’s an infrastructure that’s been built for 10 years prior.

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So I was tipping my hat to Preppers for that reason, because even if you didn’t write the books to build a business or anything like that, you still were keeping those people alive with what you, with what you do. And, you know, I haven’t, I probably should write an article on that and send it to somebody, but I kind of, I don’t even know who I’d send it to anymore. There’s very few entities out there that can spread the word and a big way that I would even care about sending an article due and then publishing it.

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But it’s a big deal. So that’s, that speaks to what a Preppers purpose can be. What Ryan is going to talk to us, speaks to what a Preppers purpose can be. It’s not. So you have to have some big, giant purpose, you know, for me, for the Prepper Broadcasting Network I always looked at it. And the way I always wanted to the old way, I always wanted to go was for PBN to be A a representative of the prepping community where people listen to us and go, Oh, these people really aren’t that crazy.

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I thought these were crazy people, but Dave seems completely on point. Everybody seems really on point, except for that guy who does the Wednesday show, he’s a nut. But, but aside from that, you know, just to a place where people could go and say, Oh, this is the Prepper Broadcasting Network maybe I could be a Prepper because these guys aren’t as crazy as you know, paranoid as I thought, or do you have a purpose? That’s the question we ask tonight. Okay. The question we asked tonight is all on the topic of purpose, and you’re going to get a glimpse into Ryan and what he’s doing and his purpose, and what kind of has been born out of, out of you.

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You know what it is, it’s almost like an evolution. It’s almost like you hit a point in prepping where you go, okay. It’s time to a effect effect, change outside of my reach, you know, something, something bigger, something better.

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All that said, members quick, one pay attention, continuity meeting next Monday, 8:00 PM. Okay. Make sure you’re there. We’re going to introduce something very important next week on Monday. Okay.

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It’s A

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I never really took a crack at governing and government stuff. I think I failed government in high school, to be honest with you, but I’m going to introduce you to something I’m in thinking about called blind and a, you know, I got, I got sort of the creator’s bias to it right now. Cause it’s something I’ve been thinking about. And I think it’s kind of a good idea, but this is what the vehicle of the continuity, our little secret society is all about. And don’t miss Monday night, you are going to want to hear about this idea and who knows once, you know, I’m not smart enough to make it work on my own, but with all of your input, all the members of the continuity, all the rogues of the continuity, the dragon Lord, the man at arms, J Fergie, all in all of these people add to these ideas and then they come Bulletproof, you know, so you can only join the continuity of your member though.

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So let me just lay that out there. Not a commercial, just a reminder. OK. If you want to join, join us to become a member of PBN. It’s a very affordable about five bucks a month. And you can do that So without further ado, I guess, since we don’t have Stephen, we usually go Steve and Dave, Jordan, Ryan, something along those lines. So why don’t we hear from A? Why don’t we hear from our man, Andy and the riding buddy.

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We are going to be, we’re going to be shot gun and well, I’m going to be shot gun down to Prepper camp with one David Jones, the NBC guys. So A what is up with you? Dave Jones is a long time Prepper and A, you know, I know, I know your purpose so a little bit, but I’d like to kind of hear, hear your thoughts on the day. And also the answer to that question. If you feel like you have a built in purpose in all this prepping aside from, I want to sustain my family and loved ones.

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You there, Dave. Okay. I don’t hear Dave could be a problem with Skype. I’m not sure. Let’s see about Jeff. You know, you know what? Let’s go to Ryan and see what Ryan’s got going on tonight because he’s got something really cool and we probably should get him in on the scoop early. So A Ryan, are you there?

3 (14m 14s):
Thank you for that, please. Audio is coming through. Okay. I’m actually grabbing down the road at the moment. The second trip out to bald in a town that was ravaged by a fire on labor day, or it was actually that we should go today and Colin and I, how do I say this? So when I heard about what happened, it was kind of a fluke thing. Someone came to my office and said, Hey, we’re looking for shovels and rakes and brooms and stuff to help out evolving.

3 (14m 47s):
And I hadn’t heard anything about it. I didn’t realize what was going on by the way, if I lose you, I apologize. There’s a driving. So like there’s a couple of areas where a flight service will make it worse. So anyway, I was like, what’s going on at the mall? I didn’t realize you were there. Was there anything that happened? Well, come to find out, the entire town was taken over by a wall outside, which is about 200.

1 (15m 30s):
I think we might’ve lost Ryan, but that’s okay. We’ll get back with them. Ah, the gist of what do you guys need to understand is that he’s taken this, this town. I hear him kind of rumblings in the back. I’m going to talk back through it. If I hear the car, even out in the sound will get back with him, but he’s taking this kind of burden on his back, him and him and Colin, and really put, really put their money where their mouth is. And he’s been making these trips to and fro delivering resources, helping out with clean up and all that kind of thing.

1 (16m 5s):
He’s working closely with the, the CAC, which are one of the few agencies that disaster coffee don’t. Well, I don’t think we’ve given a donation to them yet, but that’s something we’re going to do. And he’s been working close with them. They set up a mission for ’em and that whole thing, or I don’t know if that’s the right vocabulary, but if you’re interested in helping the people to Walden is a small town that has really been decimated by this situation. You can donate mentioned Ryan’s name, go to CAC.

1 (16m 38s):
Hold on one sec. Teachers put it in chat. C a C Did we got you back, Ryan?

3 (16m 47s):
Yeah, hopefully I can hang on to my signal for a little while.

1 (16m 50s):
Okay. I got you now. So I told them, I told them about the donation. I told them about kind of your back and forth. Trip’s a little bit, but I don’t know the details so you can expand on any of that.

3 (17m 1s):
Yeah. So, well,

1 (17m 11s):
No, I don’t think we got yet actually, but that’s okay. No biggie. My want to want to try one more time? Let’s see.

3 (17m 22s):
Okay. Yeah, a basically a full drunk

1 (17m 37s):
It’s all right. Maybe we’ll we can hear you, but we’ll put a A will put a little space between this time and when we get back to you and see if you don’t have a better signal a little later in the show, if you’re still around. Yeah. But it’s pretty interesting thing, guys. It’s a bit Erik and jets as a board, a board, it’s a pretty interesting endeavor and it really speaks to that. A well, it really speaks to a couple of things, you know, the Preppers purpose, but also that kind of evolution where you start to get tugged to do more.

1 (18m 13s):
You get tugged to do something more. And I’m me personally, I’m fascinated with, I’m fascinated with when these things happened to people, how, how they happen, what brings them on? You know, this stuff is fascinating to me because there are kids, you know, this isn’t like this. Isn’t like an old white guy thing. You know what I mean? Exclusively. Like we, we get to a certain age and we do things and have family and have a job. And then all of a sudden we’re like, I’m going to make a difference. You know what I mean? There’s like eight year old kids who are like, stop buying me gifts.

1 (18m 46s):
I’m going to give all the money that you would spend on Christmas this year to st Jude’s. And it’s like, what? How did these things happen? But they definitely happen. So is Dave Jones back with us or not? If not, we’re going to do the J Ferg and we are going to have some, Whoa. Yeah, I got you. I got sound like you’re behind to me. It’s pretty loud. All the pool. The phone back from your mouth. Just a tad.

5 (19m 18s):
Sorry. Well go. I figured out the headphones that I was using. Didn’t have a microphone.

1 (19m 27s):
Oh yeah. That’ll do it. That’ll do it every time.

5 (19m 30s):
Yeah. Where’d you just grade you had,

1 (19m 35s):
So what’s going on in your negative words, you guys build in like a, a rocket bye now or what’s up?

5 (19m 41s):
Pretty close. Pretty close. I built The. I sectioned off the barn to put the two goats in. Network picking up on Friday. All right.

1 (19m 52s):
The goats come in Friday. You should bring one to Prepper camp, man. We can hang out with it.

5 (19m 56s):
We had to add the milk it man. It’s already delivered. So it’s it’s you know, what do they call it? Enfold or whatever. I don’t get glue. I am my I’m a newbie to go. Yeah. So it’s, We said the lady and sell on them to us. You got a milker as soon as you get home. So I build them the whole thing. Stand, we sectioned off a part of that, the, you know, barn today.

5 (20m 28s):
So the chicken’s and the goat goats to have them will be there together. Yeah. Oh my gosh. And we were pretty much Prepper on our asses off. Yeah.

1 (20m 40s):
You know, rolling. Huh? That’s awesome. Yeah. I, that goat milk is good stuff, man. That’s tough. Or you guys gonna make it into CI’s or anything?

5 (20m 51s):
Heck yeah. Maria makes cheese. She puts a, all the spices in it and deal and man, yeah. Spreadable cheats, you know?

1 (21m 3s):
Oh yeah. I know all about it. It’s good eating. So above and beyond the, the, the jones’ homestead. Yeah. You got anything on, on the back burner when it comes to prepping and what it’s done for your life or, or what you plan on doing for someone else or it, you know, what, what kind of purpose do you pull from prepping outside of? Do you know, just having the stuff and doing the stuff

5 (21m 32s):
Well, Maria knows. And you know, my next door neighbor knows A, but it’s pretty much, I’m going to be taking care of my side of the mouth. You hear? So a lot of the people, you know, and we’ve done the outreach. It’s great unity community.

1 (21m 52s):
Yeah. That’s how it goes.

5 (21m 55s):
So they know me, they know where I’m coming from. They, they know what it’s all about. And its it’s a very easy thing to be able to say, okay, now we’re going to implement what I’ve been talking about to you guys for years. And if it’s a real bad situation, they’ll follow a ride along. I mean, I even had one family say, well, if that happens, we’re going to hike the Appalachian trail over to my mom and dad’s house.

5 (22m 29s):
Whoo. Yeah. And I said, if you do that, stop by my house before you go like that. Oh yeah. I’m going to make sure they’re, they’re able, I’m going to check them out, suit ’em up, you know, outfit them with what they need. And you know, if, if it looks like they can’t do. Cause we got two little kids that’s a pretty, pretty low, but it’s a, it’s a pretty good height between 20 and 30 miles.

1 (23m 6s):
Okay. Well a couple of days with kids, I’m sure you’re going to take a few days with kids. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a big one. Dave, that’s a big one, you know, but if you, I just wrote an article about this today for ask Literally this is what exactly what you’re talking about, about a foot for the longest time. Preppers have looked at people around them as the enemy and as a problem, you know, and, and you can speak to it just like I can speak to it. Now you have numbers on the side of a mountain and having numbers is just, it’s just so important.

1 (23m 42s):
You know, you just have to have it it’s I mean, maybe you have to, but God, it feels a lot better when you do, it feels a lot better when you wake up in the middle of the night after having that EMP nightmare and you have someone else to call and you’re like, well, if it went down right now, I didn’t know. I could get ahold of this person, that person, that person they live right down the street. We could put plans into action and be ready as opposed to it’s just me out here in the dark, you know? Yeah, yeah. It’s it’s not gonna work.

1 (24m 12s):
I mean, no one is an Island. You can’t pull 24, seven security all by yourself, Nina. Right. Impossible. And you want to happen? Ain’t happening when you get A, you know, for the longest time I struggled with, if someone shows up I’m going to shoot them or I’m going to shoot them away or I’m going to do, you know, like I couldn’t bring myself to even come to that conclusion.

1 (24m 45s):
No, well there’s a, there’s a group, there’s a gap. There’s a blind spot. And we talked about this on s**t while we did, I’ve talked about this in many different places in the last month that the most, and it’s just, I use the term survival. Independence right. And, and we’ve all had the same thought that you’re having, right? This idea of this, person’s going to come knocking at the door and what the hell am I going to say? And I was kind of arguing the point that not only, not only is this person going to come knocking on your door, but if you really sit down and make a list of what I call survival dependence, you going to find out that there’s a lot of people come into you.

1 (25m 32s):
So, and even if they don’t know your a Prepper because you’re PR if you’re, if you’re just a solid dude or girl, right, then people are going to say, man, s**t is crazy. I got to go to Jordan’s house. Cause I know she got answers to cars full of prepping gear. I know if I go to Jordan, she’s going to help me out. So you get, you get to this point where you, you had to really sit down and write out neighbors, coworkers, family, friends, extended family, and say, who are my true survival dependence?

1 (26m 5s):
You know, who is really going to come because it’s going to be more. Yeah, go ahead, Jordan. I was just using

6 (26m 12s):
What you were saying. No, no, but it was a good example of what you were going on is it is hitting of, who’s going to be your dependent, who, or people that age. If you have to make a trip that you can trust to be around or they trust you to be around. So it’s having those points of other people that you can rely on. Cause I, I’m not going to say there aren’t certain people, but there are certain people that I’ve said, Hey, if you have to leave this area, since it’s on the way to your safe area, you are welcome to stop here because I know they’re self sufficient enough to be able to, to put as much into the group as they are doing for themselves.

6 (26m 51s):
So it’s having those safe locations could go two on your way. Really takes off a lot of pressure and stress, especially for all the current stuff that’s going on. Yeah,

1 (27m 1s):
No doubt about it. Yeah. And I think, I mean, you have to be realistic with it, right? You can’t say A yeah. I’m going to have 10, 20 dudes living at my house. We’re going to be like a military and you not have the food, the water and the stuff, or at least not have a plan for them to bring some of it, to help out with that. You know? Cause that can go just as bad. That can go real bad, real fast. If you, if you have a bunch of people who show up and you go, so we’re out of food, but you know, your wife’s going to be most mad at you probably or your husband.

1 (27m 35s):
Cause they’re going to be like you gave it all away to these idiots. But one of the things I’m going to give you guys two tips on people coming to the house real quick. Only because it’s super fresh in my mind. So if someone shows up, this is also something that you can use. If you’re out on like a bug and you are running into people, wear out in a time when it’s kind of nasty and people are, you know, doing whatever they gotta do to survive. When you come in contact with that person, if it’s on your front porch or something to that effect and you know what it is, they’re coming.

1 (28m 8s):
Cause they want food and you don’t want to give them any cause you don’t know him or you know, whatever the circumstance may be. You want to say no to this person. For some reason, I think one of the best ways to handle that is to ask first, if you can cut them off and ask first, you can avoid a lot of trouble. So in other words, a person comes to the door and they got backpacks on and disheveled in whatever it is or whatever survival fantasy you want to put up there.

1 (28m 40s):
When you open that door, just say, man, thank God you guys got any food because we haven’t eaten in weeks. You know, just hit them immediately with exactly what they want. Cause you know, they’re coming to your house for food or something along those lines. And you know that it knocks people off kilter automatically, you know? Cause you can’t, it’s really hard for you to go, no, we don’t have any food. We were hoping you had food. No, sorry. We don’t got any, you know what I mean? And it gives you something to say is you don’t have to stand there and go, I’m a, we have food, but we’ve just got enough for ourselves or whatever.

1 (29m 19s):
You know, something along those lines, not good. I’m the other tip for people coming. If people are going to come, if you write out your survival dependent lists and you see like yeah, my cousin down the road is probably going to show up with his kid. You know, whatever my best friend he’s doesn’t really have any people in this state that he knows. He’s probably gonna come get together a list of chores that you can give people and talk to people about immediately as they show up.

1 (29m 50s):
Hey, good to see you. Glad you could make it. Yeah. We got some things we can probably make you write at home. What did you bring? And you’re going to have to clean the chicken coop. You’re going to have to, you know, fold laundry. Boom, boom, boom. And okay.

6 (30m 7s):
If this gets the claim, the latrine. Yeah.

1 (30m 9s):
That’s it hit ’em with a job’s right up front. If the job’s ready, that’s it. Who’s going to process the garbage who’s going gonna, you know, depending on the level of disaster you’re dealing with, but hit them with chores right at the door. That way it’s very clear. You know, you CA you see it’s like Dracula. If we allow you to cross the threshold you gotta work to do so. Yeah. That’s my 2 cents. I’m sorry, Dave. I didn’t mean to blow up your spot or like that, but it was just fresh in my head. Yeah. You didn’t blow up anything.

1 (30m 39s):
Yeah. I’m going to put them right to work. Oh, I need a bunch of wood cut right now. Yup. That’s a good one. No, we would put up for the winter. So if they show up here, I’m going to quit to change on your hand. Say, go for I’m in the same boat. I’m in the same boat with wood this year, which is interesting that you say that I had a bunch of things blow up with wood just over the last month. I love the split wood man. It is. I love it. Usually neighbors are like, yeah, we got this and that. And you just come get it.

1 (31m 10s):
The city, the city has been showing up and picking up all the scrap wood. They never did. They never show up. They let stuff right in your yard. So I don’t know what’s going on. But a yeah. What about you, Jordan survival, a purpose prepping purpose. What do you think? I mean, you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re one of those people who is like, I mean, you kind of live your purpose a little bit, if you don’t mind me saying so, because that’s fine.

1 (31m 41s):
You give off like this A pay attention or doing something cool. Kind of energy, you know? And I think people tea, what do you do when you, when you get into the prepping mode? You know what I mean?

6 (31m 52s):
Yes. Yes. I get, okay.

1 (31m 56s):
Yeah. I think people either, either, you know, it’s one of two things. You only get one of two options with Jordan when she’s in full on Prepper mode and it is I’m going to pay attention and see what she’s up to. Or I’m going to make up an excuse of why, what she’s doing is wrong. That’s about it, you know?

6 (32m 13s):
Yeah. No, be, be prepared. Here comes a comment. As you like to say, I I’m going to say that my preps though, as far as everything that’s been going on has a actually, can you go in a minute, as you see Parenthood doesn’t stop. Anything as everything has been going on with my preps, it actually has. If anything saved me a lot of stress and heart heartache right now, I’m not going to lie by the time we probably hit, you had to be wary.

6 (32m 49s):
All of my, not all, but a good chunk of my extended resources that I had put back will probably be well depleted,

1 (32m 58s):
But they’re doing their job, right?

6 (33m 0s):
They are because they have hit during the time we were financially, I’m in a way, a bit of a bind or a position where I can’t just go out and go grocery shopping as often as I’d like. So I’m actually at that point where I’m clearing down the deep freezer, I’m going through the meeting, they’re going through the re re reserves in the cabinet and, and making do with what I have. I mean, it’s not like terrible, but it goes to show if I don’t have to use any extra resources that are needed for the house, then I don’t have to.

6 (33m 31s):
So it really hits. I mean, you’re aware of what’s going on, but it’s, it’s one of those situations where I’m, I’m thankful that I’m a, Prepper, I’m thankful that I have, this is going to sound horrible. But over, over the last couple of years, how much bleach you can’t find Blake’s in the same size. I’m thankful that I can clean my house and wash my kids and wiper. But without having to worry about all of these extra expenditures that are gone so high, it’s ridiculous. I mean, not that I was trying to get off of what you were saying.

6 (34m 6s):
Right? Well, look at the bleach bleach in a store right now, his half the size as it was and twice the price. There’s no way. Yeah. There’s no way. And then you’re still not fine in certain things on the shelf that people are like, Oh, it’ll eventually come back. No, honey, this is why we Prepper. Okay. Some of these things aren’t ever going to go back to the way they were, it’s just like,

1 (34m 28s):
Yeah, well, you know, your, your situation is an awesome one because it is one of those. I always called him like your personal apocalypse. When you find yourself in a situation where like you are shuck and jive and, and you’re living off of your preps and everybody else’s kinda like, you know, still doing their thing. But man, they come in so handy. I mean, they come and see

6 (34m 48s):
It is a blessing. It really is a blessing. It’s, it’s one of those moments though. It’s where like, Oh, I don’t want to do this, but at the other moments, I’m like, Oh, thank God I have this. Thank God I’m not worrying about, you know, it’s kind of like my trauma kit. I’m not worried about triple antibiotic or gauze or bandaids or, you know, my Canon I’m, I’m thankful for that. Now the garden didn’t do well this year. You know, we just, yeah, that’s a whole different story, but at least, at least we were able to enjoy what we were able to get from it and be able to enjoy and be comfortable with the preps.

6 (35m 27s):
We have.

1 (35m 28s):
Gardening was rough this year. I think it was rough in most places. Cause I know it was a rough year in Virginia. We got tomatoes did just awesome.

6 (35m 39s):
My tomatoes have just now started putting out after my yard was under three feet of water. My tomatoes are just now coming in.

1 (35m 46s):
Yeah. We at the same situation, my whole garden got washed away. I just, literally just tonight I receded and re rebuild. I rebuild it like a week ago and then receded tonight just for, you know, some quick fall stuff. But yeah, gardening was interesting. The only garden around you that did any Googles or a community garden and people still didn’t pick all the stuff’s amazing. I can’t believe they don’t go up there more.

6 (36m 12s):
A people are leery about that. There’s a community garden out here, but you really won’t see many people actually in it. You’ll see people who want to benefit from it, but not people who want to put in the work for the people who don’t want to put in the work. Just don’t go near it. You will see a couple, couple elders, but that’s all you’re seeing.

1 (36m 31s):
Ours is we have no shortage of laborers. It just seems like we don’t have anybody who eats this stuff. I don’t understand it. I mean, I’m up there and there’s like giant hair, loom tomatoes, you know, just mess.

6 (36m 46s):
Right, right. Prepper camp.

1 (36m 48s):
Oh I can. I can definitely, if you want it,

6 (36m 52s):
Do you use does not last for us at all? I mean, yeah, no. Get green beans when they were sprouting up on a corn stocks, because I decided to do two to three sisters and I did Amish a green beans and my kids were out there destroying them. Radishes did not last, I mean, my kids, if it was something that they could eat raw, they were in it eating it. There was nothing I could do to keep it

1 (37m 18s):
The secret to vegetables and kids. That’s my son taught me that I was like, Whoa, hold on. Because I used to eat everything out of a can. Like for most of my childhood, I thought that asparagus was the worst thing on the earth because we needed out of a can canned asparagus.

6 (37m 37s):
Have you ever had it? Yes. Yes. And it is, it is.

1 (37m 41s):
Yeah. It looks like it. And it tastes like,

6 (37m 45s):
See that’s like carrots. It didn’t matter. When I planted carrots, if they were big enough that my kids could eat it, all the carrots and radishes were plucked out of the garden so quick. I couldn’t even keep them.

1 (37m 57s):
I’m going to try to do some of that. Dave, do you guys do any of that or you Jordan? Do you guys ever do any of that? I always threatened to do it. I did it one year regardless. And it worked out so good. But do you guys, you guys ever plant now for spring? You know, like garlic onions?

6 (38m 15s):
I have carrots. I have Carrie and usually, yeah, at sea I plant carrots, but usually I get a lot of, Oh, what is it? What is it called when it seeds from the previous plants pop up? Oh s**t. Volunteers. I, a lot of volunteers, like I had pumpkin volunteers this year and I, it was so wrapped in my splosh. I pulled the wrong plants cause I love making homemade pumpkin pie. So I had so many volunteers that next year, I’m going to be honest with you.

6 (38m 49s):
Other plant, then planting just a couple of plants. I’m not going to even worry because I had a dakini popping up from two years ago, squash popping up for me. I mean, you know, just squash, pumpkin cucumbers, plants popping up that I didn’t even put out in certain areas. So I’m just going to let the vault, you know, my little volunteers just pop up where they may, my only biggest issue is because of, well you also, the pictures of the flooding, all of my containers are filled to the brim with ants and it doesn’t matter what I do.

6 (39m 21s):
I can’t seem to get the answer the containers. So I know happy to bait. We have fire ants really bad. Yeah. Ours are all fire ants. So I’m trying to figure out what the best way is. But I, if I pour all that poison in the dirt, then I need to just go ahead and empty the containers anyway. So it’s, I’m really in between a rock in a hard spot. Do I even want to bother for experts while I’m writing it down?

1 (39m 51s):
You know, borax is one of those weird borax is one of those weird preps that I store. I store it and I never use it. It turned on those things. Yeah. But I store it. I store it like crazy because it’s just, you know, you can do so many things with it, but I have other things that I do those things with, but it’s sort of like baking soda. That’s another one, you know? Yeah.

6 (40m 14s):
I see. You know, it’s funny that you said borax Dave. Cause my mom does borax with syrup to kill the attract and kill the ants in her house. But I never really thought about it in a larger setting. So do I do sprinkle it up?

5 (40m 30s):
Well, yeah, We, that’s what we used a, we wanted to get away from the poison. Just like you said,

6 (40m 38s):
Oil toxic. It’s bad enough as lost all of my Hilarion.

5 (40m 42s):
Yeah. Apparently they take it back to the Nestor either you or something and you’ll just notice they’re gone. Okay.

6 (40m 50s):
Yeah. But I still, you still have ginger somehow all of my ginger made it only a couple of shoots of rice survived, but I have all of my ginger,

1 (41m 0s):
I think you can in the chat room, they’re talking about garlic from the store. I think when I did it, I soaked it in funny enough, a baking soda and water solution first before planning it. And I think that was to help it with getting fungus on it or mold. I can’t remember the reason, but it worked and it worked really good. Just something to talk about in chat as far as planting for next year, what’s the word?

1 (41m 30s):
Or is there a word for that

5 (41m 31s):
Onion? We do that year round garlic onions, anything that goes in the ground.

6 (41m 39s):
How do you keep it from dying out during the heat of the summer? Do you just wait to plant? So the fall, so you just early, early spring harvest, then you don’t plant until fall.

5 (41m 51s):
We, yeah, we timed it, but we don’t get as much. You guys do.

6 (41m 59s):
Mississippi is a bit humid sometimes.

5 (42m 2s):
Yeah. Yeah. That’s a tough one. Is there a word for that process, Dave? Will you plant when you plant in the fall and harvest in the spring or is that just a thing? That’s just what it is. I know I never used the workforce. They got it back. Yeah. I wonder if all can and knows she’s typing. She’s got to know

6 (42m 26s):
The goddess has a technology

5 (42m 30s):
Prepper camp. I challenge everyone. That’s listening to make a resolution that and prep camp next year. Because if you don’t got your tickets, you can’t come and it’s sold out. It’s sold out pretty quick.

6 (42m 50s):
Yeah. Yeah. It really has. And last year I think they got two just a couple of days before Prepper camp.

5 (42m 59s):
Well, I challenge anyone out there listening to also make their own a tinfoil hat or aluminum foil hat. Who was the person that was talking about the aluminum foil. Was that on Instagram? I couldn’t believe that pencil. I, you know, I know I saw somebody.

6 (43m 15s):
We want to know, but SI we call it aluminum. But as far as it’s tenfold,

5 (43m 21s):
That that killed me. You know, you go on social media and people have to pick at every little thing was a great post that was light. And we know what it was. It was on our Facebook page. That’s what it was I think. And I posted a really great post that CIN posted first about the tinfoil hat contest. It was like a little promo. They put together for us to Prepper camp and I shared it and, and somebody took time out of their day to say, actually that’s aluminum foil, not tin foil.

5 (43m 56s):
And I about fell out of my chair. I was like, what in the world? Okay.

6 (44m 3s):
Well that just means they don’t get the joke about having a tinfoil hat.

5 (44m 7s):
Yeah. That’s that could be, that could be it.

6 (44m 10s):
The fact what it is is if its not on the same plain, we deal with the stigma and the over the over dramas dramatization of what we are. So we have to make light of our A ourselves.

5 (44m 25s):
Yeah, no doubt about it. Everybody says its the tin for had crowds, you know? Yeah. So right,

6 (44m 33s):

1 (44m 34s):
To make them believers. So for those of you who are participating, who are wondering and interested at the Prepper Broadcasting booth at lunch time, 12 lunch time, 1230, 12 to 1230.

6 (44m 54s):
No, no. At that point, hold on. I’ve got in front of me.

1 (45m 2s):
There we go. Okay, cool. So 1230 Saturday come to the Prepper Broadcasting booth and a model, your tin, foil hat or aluminum foil hat. I don’t give a s**t what it is. And we’ll we are gonna pick a winner that will be announced Saturday night at the A you know, the ceremony that we do Saturday night with The and there’ll be a bunch of prizes awarded to that winner and it’ll be a hoot man. It’ll be a hoot. But for those of you can’t make it.

1 (45m 32s):
I still want to do an in house one and I’ll make sure, I at least get the winner of the inhouse, tinfoil hat contest, a bag of some good coffee or something to that effect.

6 (45m 43s):
And for everyone who wants to attend Prepper camp next year, buy the tickets early. It’s going to be the cheapest and the quickest way to secure your spot because the campsite will not let you reserve a spot until you have your ticket.

1 (45m 58s):
I’m going to tell you what for our audience particularly or members, if you really wanna, if you really want to participate in Prepper camp, come up with a class idea and let me know. And I think we could probably get you in there as a vendor or, or a class, you know, a speaker. I’m sure some of you out there have the desire. And I know you guys have the knowledge, you guys, you know your stuff. So yeah, that could be a way into, but it’s well worth the money to just to come and have a ball

6 (46m 32s):
Real quick though. Why don’t we just mention what each of us are actually going to be speaking on? Cause isn’t Dave doing more than one day a year, maybe.

1 (46m 39s):
Great idea. That’s a great idea. What do you do? What do you yak in about it? Prepper camp this year, Dave Jones.

5 (46m 46s):
Well, I’m doing my normal and be fee a class. And then in the afternoon I’m doing pandemic survival and it’s going to be kind of like an a and then how, how the government was a total clown show. I mean, I break it down the timeline right now and I’m going to have a slide with everything on there. What was shed when you know, obviously clear that and the next pandemic and they’re will be a next, you sure.

5 (47m 29s):
You, you definitely want to take everything where the greatest salt consider the source of your information before you act. I mean, when they first started masks were bad, bad, they will kill you. You know, I remember I remember. Yeah. They’re, you know, dr. Sanjay Gupta. He is that guy a mess for harm you.

5 (48m 0s):
And I’m like, well where’s the mess syndrome. You know, for doctors and nurses,

6 (48m 7s):
I work in a medical field. It’s not, it was never a concern until everybody else had to start wearing. And they say they couldn’t breathe. You know how many times we all had to mask up or even the people who weren’t nursing or a doctor staff. I mean, come on. Yeah, I’ve worn a mask throughout the entire flu season. You didn’t hear me dying,

5 (48m 26s):
Things like that. And then I dropped some chloric win and you know, I didn’t need a study to know that hydroxy cork went to work because I could look at the countries that are full of malaria and they have the lowest cases of COVID still today because everybody’s taken hydroxy chloroquine to keep away from malaria and they’re not getting it. They’re just drive a cigarette.

5 (48m 56s):
Yeah, yeah. Stuff like that. No, I get it, man. That’s great though. I hope I get a chance to shoot over their, you know, the problem with us being in a row and being so close to each other, is it somebody is going to have to hang or multiple might have to hang to keep the booth a float at the booth.

6 (49m 14s):
I plan on, I plan on being at the booth booth booth booth at the areas on the Barkat. I plan on being there as, as much as possible to, to try to help out with both y’all since I really am not going to be able to bring or have everything I had hoped to do to everything going on, like I’ve planned. So I’m like, I’m going to pull extra weight where I can.

5 (49m 40s):
Right. Don’t worry about it. We’ll fill those tables up with something. I went to order some books and I was too late to order books, unfortunately. So that kind of messed me up a little bit, but I’m looking for a way to sell eBooks via a code. This is totally off topic and we’re not going to go into it, but we may be able to do something with that. But anyhow, let’s hear about yours Jordan cause you were on various. Yeah.

6 (50m 5s):
So I’m going to be teaching for the first time. This year on utilizing fiber courses, it’s a mouthful they put use in fiber for homesteaders in survival. Essentially. I’m going to be taking everyone through the basics. It’s a really a lot I’m trying to cram in an hour, but explain in a dual purpose or multipurpose animals’ or fiber for fiber food and then how to process those fibers. Now I’m not going full in depth. I will have my spinning wheels with me.

6 (50m 36s):
I will have my loom. I will be found some drop spindles while I’m there. I’m not going to have all the extra fiber I had planned to make fiber kits. But that is something that I’m going to work on to offer people later on. But yeah, it’s definitely a lot of people don’t think about clothing, you know, textiles. They don’t think about beyond the fact of what’s going on, hats, gloves, scarves, clothes, men been, you know, those are definitely things to, to think about. And I’ve thought about maybe if this goes well and I can get this down.

6 (51m 9s):
Maybe talking about A Mendon and repair, because being able to fix your clothing, that’s a future idea in, I do a lot of darn in so whatever I can do to try to extend the life of what I have and make it stronger. I mean, if it goes the same with fiber and a lot of people don’t think about the benefits that fiber can have. And it’s, I, you know, it’s funny as my best friend always said that I had a post apocalyptic life skill because I crocheted, you said it was an old woman, but if the apocalypse ever hit, I at least he knows he will be closed.

6 (51m 44s):
So I just want to introduce people in to that. So I’m not saying that everyone’s going to be out there weaving, but it is for me, it is a good de-stressor and you don’t have to have a spinning wheel. And that’s why I will have drop spindles. I mean, but it’s, it’s fun. The kids can do it. You can get people into it. It’s it has worked amazingly over the years for people who are hyperactive to be able to have something, to focus. A lot of men believe it or not. A lot of older men knit and crochet. So it’s was really good. I like it. I said, I’m excited.

6 (52m 14s):
We’ll see how it goes.

1 (52m 15s):
You know, a something that just popped into my head for your table would be kinda cool. I know there’s like a bunch of DIY spindle stuff, like how to make one of those that’s you know, a lady makes the CDs and stuff. I wonder if he will be worth. Yeah, that’s exactly it. I wonder if it’d be worth like, and I can do it if you want. Cause I gotta go to FedEx anyway. I wonder if he’d be worth getting a stack of like three or four different handouts for your booth on just whatever topics you’re talking about that you want to go deeper in detail within, then you can tell people to swing by a booth and pick up to you.

6 (52m 55s):
Yeah. I had planned on given a handout for those who attended the class, but yeah, that would be awesome. I think that would be even more interesting, but I will be selling some custom, made a drop spindles from a woman here. So I’m supporting local businesses and I use her drop spindles and I love them. So I mean, it’s, it’s one of those where as long as I can at least try to support someone here and I know they support me, it, it really goes to show people like us, a small crafters and businessmen, and we’re doing what we can to make our ends meet.

1 (53m 30s):
Yeah. I’m really into love to hear about those natural. Are you going to talk about plant fibers at all?

6 (53m 37s):
I’m actually going to cover all three. Well, I’m going to quickly go over all three ban a fiber basis and I’ll just tell y’all right now. It’s animal plant and insects.

1 (53m 47s):
Whoa, what do I get? I get it. Yeah, that’s the one I won. That’s the stuff that blows me away is when people can make fibers and stuff out of the vines and Oh man, it’s crazy.

6 (54m 2s):
Oh no, no, no. I’m going to go into just to have a quick go into, but yeah, I mean, I have seen where people make in China and they make fiber and this won’t be in the class. They make fiber out of Lotus, Lotus leaf. You can draw a Lotus soak out in a weave that and to make a tapestry and stuff. So it just goes to show there’s so much you can do. And so much you can use. It’s just knowing how to do it. And unfortunately with the times we’ve lost so much of those skillsets because they were passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter and so on and so forth.

6 (54m 38s):
But you just don’t see it anymore because it’s so easy to get lost in commercial commercialized fiber and textiles that everything anymore is a polyester rayon blend. And God forbid, if something happens, those are gonna go up and in blazes you are going to get burned. No, no they’re thin

1 (54m 57s):
Last that’s. My problem with clothing lately is, you know, like I wash a shirt like five times and it’s a wrap or, you know, just isn’t, it’s not there anymore. Something about it. So yeah. Awesome to awesome. I mean, jeez NBC protection, pandemic protection for that for round two, whatever that’s going to be, hopefully we get a few years off. Then you get natural fibers on a homestead enforced survival.

1 (55m 26s):
I’m Mike talk is a sort of it’s it’s going to be a breakdown of the Virginia situation and sort of a timeline of how I was affected by the crazy gun control legislation and how Virginians were in general, the, the reaction of the Virginians, right? So from the standpoint of, okay, you want to put this crazy legislation up, we are going to do this sanctuary city thing. And then, you know, the city volleyed back with UN with a new law that would affect police officer.

1 (55m 59s):
The story is an interesting story and you know, it all it, we had to be the big rally here and all that kind of stuff, but really the whole talk will culminate around one T pick in particular in that is something that I’ve been talking about for probably six months now in that is your ability to truly support something. You know, like what, what can you, and what should you be supporting in your life and not to overextend yourself?

1 (56m 29s):
Because you know, that’s kind of where we’re all at right now. I think we’re all in this place where there’s so many issues. We want to support everything, right? First amendment through, you know, I’m going to support them all. And I want to support this and I want to support this candidate and I want to support Trump and I want to support whatever else. It’s just as big list of things that you support, quote on quote. But really if you’re that bogged down, you’re not really supporting anything because you’re not giving anything you real time or money or effort, you know?

1 (57m 0s):
So it w basically will be the battle for this second amendment and how, how, what I learned from Virginia. And I think we, we learned some good battle tactics from our little struggle in Virginia, even though we’ve, we’re still taking damage and we probably will continue to take damage. And that’s just, you know, that’s the war for the, for your rights. It’s always going on. There’s always someone clawing, go ahead.

5 (57m 31s):
Did you see the latest round of insanity that they want more gun free zones?

1 (57m 41s):
They passed it enrichment already. Yeah. Okay.

5 (57m 47s):
So that you can’t take a weapon to a demonstration. So there goes the second amendment rap alleys from here on out.

1 (57m 59s):
Well, you know, this is the thing, Dave, this was The. I don’t, I can’t tell, like I can’t f**k. We, we have to, this is a dangerous thing. I’m about to say, so use your better judgment. You’re all smart people. You are all smart people here. And we have to B we have to start questioning authority as it gets more and more out of control.

1 (58m 31s):
And unfortunately in that questioning of authority, we have to say, we have to say kind of, or what, you know, and really think about that question. You know? So I use The, I recorded something for members today, and I use the example of California. Thankfully, they walked it back, but initially they were thinking, we’re going to cancel Halloween because of this crazy virus. And you get to the point where it’s like, okay, so I’m not allowed to go trick or treating or what, or what’s going to happen.

1 (59m 9s):
I mean, what are you going to do with every neighborhood in California decides that they’re going to trick or treat when you don’t have the manpower to stop that. And you’re probably not gonna use any manpower to stop that. So as things get crazier and as The the rights of the people get trampled on, you know, it’s, it’s one of those situations where we at the question authority, I think moving into the future and really say, okay, so, so we can’t have another rally.

1 (59m 40s):
Where that many people show up with guns because somebody says so, or what, what happens if we all show up on a Monday with a bunch of guns? You know what I mean, as everybody, can you arrest 20, 30,000 people? Because I know you can’t, you know what I mean? Now I’m not saying in that we should incite violence in any way, but as things get more and more ridiculous, I just really think we’re, we’re reaching a point where we have to question that authority and, and, and act on these silly things sometimes just to test the metal of, of what’s going on, you know, like, are you really going to enforce this?

1 (1h 0m 26s):
Or is this just, you’re just playing the game because you can play the game. You know what I mean? And I know it’s, it’s a, it’s a man, it’s a tricky, tight rope to walk. But when it comes to rights, like the second amendment, when it comes to silly things like your ability to trick or treat, you just have to make those decisions. You know, w what is the punishment going to be?

1 (1h 0m 56s):
Is there going to be a punishment? Should there be a punishment? Can I fight this punishment? Now I’m not talking about doing anything where you’re causing physical harm, but if we’re talking about me carrying a firearm in a certain place where I’m no threat to anyone, it is it, is it a situation where you say, okay, I’m carrying,

6 (1h 1m 23s):
Fortunately, this is where you make the law abiding citizens into illegal or law breakers, because you’re taking away in a natural, right? You are taking someone’s natural rights and write to protect themselves, and then saying that they can’t do it. I mean, you’re gonna make criminals out of honest people. And then they’re not going to be honest, because if you’re going to threaten to take away my safety in my guns in the next one, we’re going to have issues.

1 (1h 1m 53s):
That’s it, that’s it. And you know, it’s, these are rules that are being put in place that are designed to be broken as far as I can tell, when you put a silly rule like that into place, just you get to the point where, what it does is it hurts law in order even more so, you know, we already have enough issues with police and that situation with people, you know, disregarding and now even just walking up and shooting, police it to death, or I don’t know if they lived or not, actually, I haven’t checked up on it, but then you take it into an, and now you give cops more work that doesn’t make any sense, you know?

1 (1h 2m 34s):
So it’s like, not only do you have to deal with the dregs of society, but now you also have to make sure that mrs. Jackson doesn’t have her revolve or on her when she parks across the street from school to pick her kid up, even if she leaves it in the car, you know? So it’s a, it’s a weird thing, but it’s, I don’t know. I, if you find yourself in that situation telling you just to ask yourself that question, so they don’t want me to bring this to this place or do this, or, you know what I mean?

1 (1h 3m 6s):
And we’re reaching a point where you just have to ask yourself that question. And when you ask yourself or what, and you, you arrive at, or I wind up with a class six felony, you probably better go with the program, no matter how stupid it is. You know what I mean? Cause that’s a big deal, but a, you know, it’s a, it’s a weird time. And if we were running out of time to just follow blindly with the radical left wing laws that are being put in place just on a whim, you know, cause you, you can’t trust, you cannot trust these people to do the right thing.

1 (1h 3m 42s):
It’s just that clear. At least not the leadership in my state. You can’t trust them to do the right thing. Let me tell you just while we’re on the subject, do you mind, Jay, forgive. I go on a little bit. I think Dave just stepped out for a second.

6 (1h 3m 56s):
Okay. Go on. I’m I’m I’m good. I’m here. As long as you need me,

1 (1h 4m 0s):
This is where we’re at and where my mentality is with the people who run things. Well, they don’t really run anything, but who think they run things here in Virginia? Okay. So my children’s school would shut down everybody’s school on the city of Richmond was shut down. Maybe. I don’t know when it was July, something like that. No, we’re not opening any schools until February, maybe. Okay. So you know, my wife, you know, we were p*****g and moaning about that to begin with, from the standpoint of, you know, this is so crazy, particularly we, you know, there’s an argument that a school could be one of the safest place for kids to be anyway, right?

1 (1h 4m 41s):
At a time like this, okay. Shut the schools down. We get, we, we, we wrap our heads around this nonsense. We make some purchases. We prepare ourselves for a school year that might go terribly wrong. It’s surprisingly, it’s been pretty decent thus far, but we prepared ourselves for that. You know what happens if they just throw a assignment at our kid for each class and that school. Cause we’re obviously gonna take it into our own hands and teach our children, right? If that’s the case, we’re lucky enough to be at home.

1 (1h 5m 12s):
We can do that. So after you take jab to the face and you’re like, all right, they shut the schools down. We don’t really know why they’re lunatics. Ralph Northern mayor, Stoney. They’re just idiots. They’ve made bad decisions. Ever since this thing started, they’ve made bad decisions before this whole pandemic things starting before the pandemic, in their bed decisions. I was fighting them on gun control in those bad decisions. So they’re not there. Not, you know, they’re terrible is what they are.

1 (1h 5m 45s):
So put all that behind me, B the bigger man, right? It is what it is. They’ll get voted out. Everybody’s hating these people they’ll be gone. It’s fine. Then the mayor comes out and says, okay, we’re not going to open the schools because it’s dangerous. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to open the schools for childcare, for the parents who need it.

1 (1h 6m 15s):
So it’s, it’s too dangerous for my son to go to school. But if somebody has to go to work and they don’t have another option, they can just drop them off at the city schools that we’re paying for in our taxes. This is what it is. This is what it is. This is what we’re dealing with in Virginia. And I can promise you that we won’t be dealing with this governor or this mayor for a very long, which is a blessing.

1 (1h 6m 51s):
Now, I don’t know if it would be worse, but I know these to will be gone. I can tell you that right now, but here’s my thing. I’m tired of a, another thing that I’m tired of is the abandonment of America. I’m really tired of the abandonment of America. Like so many people have hit me or, or hit, hit the airwaves with this idea that because of the situ and listen, it’s not good in Virginia. You hear what I’m talking about, right?

1 (1h 7m 22s):
But this idea that Virginia is lost. Texas is lost. It’s going to go blue. You know, it’s like these ideas make me sick. They really do. Because if you let it loose, man, like when, what do you mean lost to what? Lost to what really? Or what? I mean, it’s just this mentality that we’re going to run away from everything when it gets bad is not the right mentality for Preppers to have. I just don’t think it is, you know, they’re, there’s a level of patriotism in prepping.

1 (1h 7m 58s):
I think I’m not a hundred percent sure. Cause I don’t know everybody, but I think there’s a level of patriotism in there and, you know, meet personally. And it could be because I’m from Philly and I grew up with radical loyalty, just tattooed on my ass. If you don’t get me wrong, you don’t run. You know what I mean? And it’s, that’s just the thing. So it’s like, man, I don’t know. Even if it isn’t lost, in what way?

6 (1h 8m 22s):
I think it’s one of those things where we have to look at is there are times when you were run, there were times when you hide for your own safety, but there are times when you stand up and you fight back. I mean, there hit the point. When, when have you gone up far enough against the wall that you’re not going to finally lash out and fight back. I mean, it’s like any, any situation. So you know, anyone who has any of right. So unfortunately it goes back to an old story that I’ve told is I’m one of those who I’m not going to run from the situation, unless it’s going to protect more people who run from it.

6 (1h 9m 4s):
Does that make sense? Definitely. I, well, I say that, but that’s almost like an old story. I hope you don’t mind if I digress for a second

1 (1h 9m 12s):
Digress. I like it.

6 (1h 9m 16s):
I have one of my old jobs. We had someone jumped a window and come in into the pharmacy that I was working at. I worked at a closed facility that it was this tiny little box. I don’t know how she got so far up off the ground. And through the window, we could see it from the pharmacy, from them, the monitors that the other office would, the other text techs couldn’t. So I’m the one person who immediately thought I need to intercept prior to calm or, you know, minimize the situation, you know, deescalate.

6 (1h 9m 49s):
And then in some way, shape or form neutralize, not, not saying death, I’m just saying remove the entire issue. I was the only person now that entire group who immediately went running out of that room, running out of that room to straw, try to stop that person. Because I didn’t know if it was one of our mental patients or not. I didn’t know if it was one of the drug addicts, because where I worked was Winfried over from where a few cops had been shot several years before or the year before. And this was a few years back before all this chaos started.

1 (1h 10m 20s):
I remember this with this phone. I remember.

6 (1h 10m 23s):
Yes. And I ran. I ran to that person. Just stop them. Now, luckily enough, it was someone who worked from us. I don’t know what she was thinking to jump through the tiny little fricking window. But that, that goes to the situation where I had. It shows you the different types of mindsets. We, you and I and our listeners have a much different mindset than your general population. I had three different reactions. I had someone say, thank you. Because my first concern was the room that had no warning that some of them was headed their way.

6 (1h 10m 53s):
Like I said, my mind immediately thought in one of my patients have gone off the end and they’re going to hurt my coworkers. I had one woman tell me she was running through the room, looking for people’s teeth, because she was actually about to run out the back door and take off with their car. No lie. She literally, you go back and you could see where she was looking for. People’s keys that they had left out. Third person was terrified for my safety. You said, I didn’t know what to do.

6 (1h 11m 24s):
I want, I want it to run after you had said no. I said, if I run out of a room, when there’s a threat, you’re close the door behind me. So it just goes to show. You’ve got so many of you got people who are going to handle on, you got the people who are going to tuck tail and run and said good riddance to you. Cause that’s what she told me. She goes, if you had gotten hurt, good riddance. I’m not stupid. Yeah. That’s what you told me. I’m not stupid. You told me I was stupid. So I was like, you know what? That’s okay. But it goes to show you just in one little stitch, a situation like that, one little one, you’ve got so many personalities who don’t know how to handle that.

6 (1h 11m 58s):
And I was one out of 30 people in that building who went to go head on. So that goes to show. We are just 1% of everybody else.

1 (1h 12m 9s):
No, I think you’re right on that. I think you’re right on that. That’s a,

6 (1h 12m 14s):
Do you need to go so off?

1 (1h 12m 17s):
You know, I mean, you bring up a really good point and it goes back.

6 (1h 12m 20s):
It makes it frustrating because people like you and me and Dave and our listeners, if we aren’t the ones who step up or decide when enough is enough, then everybody else is gonna keep going. You’re going to have the people who tuck tail and run until you are an idiot, which you either care, you don’t. And I know I don’t, you are going to have the people who are concerned about you, which how are more likely to follow you if you step up and take that leadership role.

1 (1h 12m 48s):
Yeah. It’s one of those situations where we go back to the idea of the Preppers purpose. You know, if you’re, it’s all very individualized and it shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be defined, you know, it definitely shouldn’t be defined. It should be, it should be up to you. But as a Prepper we have access to things and training some of us and experiences that a lot of people don’t and you know, in trying times you use that, sometimes you use it for, you know, whatever you use it for.

1 (1h 13m 24s):

6 (1h 13m 24s):
Yeah. Well, you know, a volcano made a good point. She goes, not only that she goes, but immediate thought a vehicle deft, not a place. I would have gone.

1 (1h 13m 34s):
Go ahead. You’re at another job. Yeah, no doubt about that. So Dave we’re talking well, well, how we were arrived here was we were talking about, The not an overwhelming message, but a message that I’ve been hearing a lot of, which is people are abandoning certain, a certain States or giving up on certain States and you know, kind of this idea that there’s a greener pasture elsewhere. I’m not a big fan of, of that.

1 (1h 14m 6s):
I’m not a big fan of Preppers as people who decide to just leave an and go live somewhere else until that Place becomes demolished by a Democrat Ruel or whatever, you know, or, or these radical changes. Mmm. And I get the, the law in front of me. So I don’t know if I want to read this or not. Actually, it doesn’t really pertain to anybody, but what are your thoughts on sort of the things are getting kind of weird kind of inconvenient.

1 (1h 14m 36s):
I think I’m leaving the state, you know, what do w w what’s the deal with that with you Dave, back in, Oh, you sent me a message, as you said, he was back. Oh, well, and probably talk, you know, something along those lines, no person, no person shall carry any firearm within any city owned building park or recreation or community facility.

6 (1h 15m 3s):
It was ridiculous. You were asking for people to be jumped and robbed and hurt. I mean, I mean, prime example, the law was not in effect here in Arkansas, when this girl went missing in that Sydney girl. But if she had been carrying a gun, I woulda made a huge difference between the man who attacked and killed her versus, you know, her shooting him and getting out of it. I mean, these areas that are saying done safe gun-free whatever the snowflake do you want to call it?

6 (1h 15m 37s):
It is set it up that the, sorry, it gives me a little irritated, but it sets it up for people. You are turning good people into victims. And that’s the problem is they don’t realize most of us, we are not going to allow ourselves to become victims. So I will break a law for the safety of myself and my children.

1 (1h 15m 55s):
Well, that’s kinda what it comes down to. Right. You know, how on earth in one breath? How one on one on earth? No, that’s okay. How on one breath can they, can they tell you we’re going to defund the cops because they’re evil killers of minorities and we don’t need as many of them around. And then in another breath they say also don’t carry a firearm to protect yourself.

1 (1h 16m 28s):
So the people that are the people that man, I just wrote about that too. Volcanic in that same article I was talking about earlier, the people that tell you you’re, you know, the cops of the guys, the peat note, the people who were supposed to keep you safe are the police. We’re going to get rid of them. And we don’t want you to have any way to protect yourself either. Yeah, we did. We don’t want you to have any way to protect yourself either because, because you know what it is, fundamentally, these people are driven by a dream that people are peaceful.

1 (1h 17m 3s):
They, despite all the evidence in their face, they are driven by this utopian idea that people inherently good. Number one and inherently peaceful.

6 (1h 17m 12s):
Exactly. That’s actually what I want it to say is the fact that you think all people are inherently good. And unfortunately we have seen a side of the world where people are not inherently good, no longer do we have that calm?

1 (1h 17m 28s):
Another benefit of growing up in Philly is you see people beat each other up over football. So, you know, people are animals early, early on in your life. You’re like, Oh, look, these guys are fighting out in front of my house because he dug that parking spot out of the snow. And this guy took it and they’re punching each other in the face over this parking spots. And you early on, I realized, Oh, people are just animals. That’s all, we’re just animals. And it doesn’t take much for us to go into that mode.

1 (1h 18m 1s):
You know, you grow up,

6 (1h 18m 2s):
You know, and it’s sad. It’s sad is so I hate to even say it like this. And God forbid, I don’t mean it in any ugly way, but it’s sad is nine 11. It took an absolute disaster and tragedy to, to unite us all. And then 19 years later, you’re hating a few people who actually went above and beyond to try to help everybody else. It’s it goes to Shows like what happened?

6 (1h 18m 31s):
Just to look at all the things that have happened in Where we as a nation have just crumbled and it’s sad, but it takes a tragedy to unite us as a whole to make us unified. Again, it really is bad. Why can’t want to be that anyways?

1 (1h 18m 49s):
You go, can you hear me?

6 (1h 18m 50s):
Yeah. Well, you were a little, you’re a little broken, but I can hear you.

1 (1h 18m 54s):
I am broken now, right? Yeah. Yeah. 19 years ago, first responders, police, firemen. They were, you know, the ultimate hero’s in our books and they just 19 years they’re hunting them down and shooting them in the street. Yeah. I mean, that’s because bad things, you know, they’ve, this goes back to my thing about violence and a violence is not a bad thing all the time, because people used to know that if you, this was at least in my neck of the woods, people knew.

1 (1h 19m 43s):
If you heard a cop, if you killed a cop, it’s going to hurt. You know what I mean? You’re going to get found and it’s not going to be good for you. And I know a lot of people don’t like that. Nowadays people don’t like there being the, they call them a gang, like there’s this gang out there that tells people what to do and they carry guns and they’ll come hurt you. If you hurt one of them, it never used to be like that. It used to be like, these are the people who protect

3 (1h 20m 8s):
Us. So yeah. Right. We might all beat you up if you hurt one of them, you know what I mean? And it’s a fundamental change I’m going to have to, yeah. It’s going to have to come down to that, that the good citizens of the United States are going to have to stand up for our first responders and say, wait a minute, this isn’t right. You know? Sure. Yeah. I mean, what happens to that guy? Yep.

6 (1h 20m 37s):
But it also goes to show, there are quite a few people who are standing up or myself in a video a day. I’m not sure where it was, but it was in a town where a guy was attacking an officer and the guy who was attacking the officer, ended up getting his butt handed to him by this whole group of people he thought was going to be on his side. I mean, they beat him. They dope. They beat the snot out of them. It really was because at first the way they were attacking, I thought they were going after the officer too.

6 (1h 21m 8s):
But somebody has to stand up.

3 (1h 21m 11s):
He was kind of overweight any, we wound up doing a split when he was, f**k, you got beat up by the guy. Yeah. He was, he was basically on his stomach. The other guy was going to beat him up pretty bad. And a, yeah, the rest of the, of his buddies, I guess. So the people in his neighborhood just started kicking his ass.

6 (1h 21m 29s):
Yeah. But it goes to show, there are people out there who do stand up. It’s just, you’ve got so much of the media. And so much of those few people that it’s, it really makes it hard to see the good in the other people it’s be and stuff like that. I mean, I feel bad to do that. The crap beat album kind of, I’m glad he got what he was deserving, but you know, like where are those people? Why aren’t more people standing up and saying, this is not okay. You take away our first responders, our officers, then who are you going to call?

6 (1h 21m 60s):
When you get robbed or your house gets broken into, or you get hurt? Or who do you expect to come treat you when you’re lying on the side of the road?

3 (1h 22m 7s):
Yeah. Not some football player. Write a guy’s name on the helmet telling you, you know, it’s sad that they make more. Yeah. The kid did a abuser that got shot in the back in above Chicago there. And they, they, they put this on the helmet and he’s, he’s a criminal. So Where has diving the police and we’re glorifying criminals.

3 (1h 22m 40s):
Well, that’s the fundamental question though. Right? The fundamental question of this moment in history is who, who are they? And what are their numbers really? Do you know what I mean? So it’s like they have, they have the influence of the media, which sucks of sports, which suck of Hollywood, which double sucks. And unfortunately just wrapped up

1 (1h 23m 6s):
On this old game where this is where people look yep. Same, which, which is basically the monitor.

6 (1h 23m 13s):
It just goes to show. It just goes to show. We have handed everything over, down the Hill in a handbasket you have made, since you have a glorified thing you are in, there’s no more virality anymore. Or what have we done? What have we done to ourselves as a nation? And what I can we do on our end? What can we do to try to repair any of this?

1 (1h 23m 36s):
Unfortunately, I think it has a lot to do with laws. Like the ones we’re talking about earlier. It has a lot to do with the fact that dad can’t go out and beat somebody’s head in for doing the wrong thing. Like he used to, you know, that there was just a time where this nonsense wouldn’t happen because five dads would get together and they would go down too, a little Antifa protests with bats and there would be no more Antifa protest against the police in the community. You know what I mean? And that’s the better way to handle it than what we’re doing right now.

1 (1h 24m 9s):
I don’t care what anybody says. I’m not saying people have to get beat with bats. I’m just saying the public has to have the ability to A protect their own community so that we don’t have to depend solely on police. And you can’t take a guy who’s out there trying to make his community safer and lock him up in jail. You know? And that’s, that’s what we do.

6 (1h 24m 29s):
You got enough. They won’t let you spank your own kids. Well, fortunately enough, in Mississippi, I’ve had an officer and several school systems tell me that the, that you are allowed to spank your child with a belt in the state of Mississippi. I’ve had an officer officer say, Hey, if you need help, I’ll hold them. Not, not to me, but to some of them, I deal with. I deal with mentally

1 (1h 24m 56s):
The spanked me with the belt. I’m not holding.

6 (1h 25m 1s):
You know what I mean? It just goes to show that a lot of these States will, will even put limitations on what you can do is a parent. You are not going to tell me or any other parents, any, any parent who’s like us, that we cannot discipline our children. You want your children, or to act like the idiots on the street today. Then you keep on the way they are, but you pop them now and get it out of the way, because that was like, they’re not going to have it. They’re going to have a sense of entitlement when they don’t, they don’t even deserve that.

6 (1h 25m 32s):
They shouldn’t be allowed to be Self and paddled.

1 (1h 25m 35s):
I think that is the lesson, man. You know, a little violence now, a little violence now saves a lot of violence later. And unfortunately we have arrived at the, a lot of violence later part because we avoided the violence early on. We didn’t want the cops to hurt anybody. Don’t shoot anybody, get down on your knees, dance with them, hold hands with ’em, hug them or whatever you gotta do to avoid violence. A little violence. When the protests were small

3 (1h 26m 4s):
In this stuff was something we could have got under control, but it is what it is now. You know, it is what it is. And it’s, it’s only gonna get crazier as we get closer to the big election, short and puffs up a let’s see if we can give Ryan another shot. We got him back. So let’s see if I’m like, wait, what am I? Oh, he’s on a video. Now you guys can see this, but our listeners can’t.

3 (1h 26m 37s):
Oh, you sound great. So I’m I’m in town. Oh Jesus. One of the houses. Can you, can you focus or is it The? Is it the air quality? That’s messed up. Hold on. It might be my other camera. Hold on. Sorry. I don’t know if there’s any better. No, that’s like unfocused or something. It don’t worry about. It’s no big deal. Okay. You look great. You look great. The forefront is like, he looks like you are standing in front of the green screen.

3 (1h 27m 9s):
How’s that? And I don’t know it. Do you have like an a in a selfie setting on or something? I’ll ask them. I don’t know. Hold on. When, if you had a feat that you have a feature, that’s blurring the background and we try to train them. You can’t see it just charred everybody. Can you recall now? Or I don’t know if I can record the video, but I’m going to take some screenshots for sure. So I’m, I’m here on location in Malden, Washington, and I just dropped off a series, a series of contributions from citizens, existing citizens, somewhere in the range of about $2,000 worth of gear.

3 (1h 27m 55s):
There’s a bug out vehicle for those of you, you actually can see it, but this is a three 60 view. And I swear to God, it’s one of the, the worst environments I’ve ever seen. I mean, it looks like war zone here, but just destruction. And I dunno if you guys can hear this.

6 (1h 28m 17s):
No, I don’t hear anything.

3 (1h 28m 19s):
Absolutely nothing, no bird animals, no dogs, no people, no cars, nothing. There’s a gentle breeze. And it’s one of the Erie things I’ve ever experienced before to my life. There’s black and trees all over the place. There’s a sheet metal inside trees that has just blown off, you know, swing sets are nothing. But I dunno if you can see that, I’ll try and walk over here, but this building is crazy that, that a school bus was crazy.

6 (1h 28m 55s):
I don’t know how many people game, but it actually reminds me of a scene out of a fallout fallout three. I mean, it is, it’s like a mixture of fallout and silent Hill just on its appearance for the listeners who can’t see it. It is,

3 (1h 29m 11s):
What am I looking at on the right there? Is that a bunch of cars? What is that? Oh, cars, God, pause there. So I can get one screenshot of that. Cause that s**t is crazy.

6 (1h 29m 23s):
Is that an ice cream truck? Okay.

3 (1h 29m 25s):
Look, I like it. It’s got a freezer pop, just random wheel Wells leftover. That is so insane. There’s some cars that I saw on the other side where they had blown up and onto their side probably cause we still had fuel in them. I mean, it’s just unbelievable. The amount of wreckage and carnage that is here and I I’m, I’m having a hard time breeding just because of the air quality, but it’s,

6 (1h 29m 60s):
There’s something where you should be wearing a respirator.

3 (1h 30m 3s):
Yeah. But then you wouldn’t be able to hear me. Oh, that’s sacrifice for the fans.

6 (1h 30m 9s):
Oh, this is crazy.

3 (1h 30m 12s):
This was stumped in it. You know, I, I asked call and I was like, Hey, we didn’t have an opportunity to do this. Do you want to go? And he was like, absolutely. Let’s go. And from eight o’clock Saturday morning until about eight o’clock Saturday night, we were on the road, either delivering goods or finding stuff or, you know, loading stuff up into the truck or doing whatever we stood out. And I got to tell you, it was a quiet drive on the way home.

3 (1h 30m 44s):
That’s about an hour drive from my house to here, but nothing to say no. And what do you say? I mean, I think for me a big part of this whole effort to make something happen here, a part of it was for me, but part of it was also for calling and I know I jumped in and kind of at the last minute you guys were talking about, you know, bringing kids up right. And teach them, you know, whether it be punishment or otherwise, but I guarantee you after seeing what Colin Shaw this weekend, there’s no way he’s going to play with fire or have any less, I think his life has changed probably.

3 (1h 31m 23s):

6 (1h 31m 23s):
Right. I mean, this is just something to behold from my perspective.

3 (1h 31m 29s):
Yeah. And I mean, it’s, you know, there’s just some, so there’s when you wake up in the morning after you’ve been camping and like let’s say it’s range or something, you can smell that weird wet, like nasty Ash, burnt wood smell. And it’s everywhere here. I mean, you can’t, you can’t get away from them. And not like that scent alone is something that will never leave your brain once, once you’ve experienced it once.

3 (1h 32m 1s):
And I told Colin where we were about, you know, five miles out of town, I was like, as soon as you smell it, just start recording. And he’s like, Oh yeah, I think I came in. I was like, yeah, if you can smell it, start recording. And sure enough, within a mile, literally you could smell it a mile away. And a, we started coming across all the roads that were just pretty much black and the side road in the, the, the, a brush line and trees that were just completely charred.

3 (1h 32m 32s):
And once we started rolling the town, it wasn’t, we were filming, we were taking pictures, but it was completely different. It wasn’t like, okay, cool. We’re going into this zone. It was like, Holy cow, what in the world did we get ourselves in to? And I think it drove more of that passion, passionate, tied. Both of us to try and do by you. You are in the center of what was the town?

3 (1h 33m 3s):
Yes. Ang

6 (1h 33m 6s):
Holy moly. Okay.

3 (1h 33m 9s):
So there’s more A and I just, I can’t walk far enough away cause I don’t want to lose my signal, but I mean, I think it’s just before I got cut off earlier, I think it was just kind of, we were talking a little bit about, you know, the purpose of preparedness and like that I’m going to set the video off so I can have better quality sound. You sound great. Okay. But yeah, that the idea of just The the purpose of Prepper on what it means. And we get to a point where you are safe and your family is a safe and your own community.

3 (1h 33m 46s):
So you can do something to help other people. I think that’s one thing that, that changes in, in us as people in, as Preppers, and as we grow into adulthood, even the idea that you can do more for someone else, you may be restored right there. Yeah. It’s true. And I don’t care what a, what anybody indicates as far as like how the fire started.

3 (1h 34m 20s):
There’s evidence that there were arsonists who were setting these fires back in Oregon and they worked their way up this way. I mean, but it doesn’t really matter at this point, because at this point it’s all about rebuilding and helping some of these communities that are just completely destroyed. This isn’t the only one. And this is just one that got a hit. Probably the hardest people are still out of Oregon. So who knows how bad the damage is going to be there. And you’re probably still gonna see footage over the next couple of weeks a month just of what’s happened, has the aftermath of it.

3 (1h 34m 55s):
And if we’re not ready to Mount at the counter relief effort, when it comes to a disaster like this, then we need to step up our game first. I mean, that’s how I feel about, and this is me doing what I can to step up my game to do it by example. So the call and can see the benefit of doing this. And we can feel that same feeling when you go into an area like this and repair it or rebuild it, even if it’s something as simple as still on your truck bed with some tools and supplies or whatever, and driving it on an hour away, that’s all it takes.

3 (1h 35m 41s):
And a lot of times people who are so far removed that they don’t realize the damage that there is just outside their own community. It’s crazy to think if there were 10 Ryan’s, you know what I mean there? And that’s, that is the one success story. Here is this little town has gotten enough exposure to Where the larger cities that are bordering. It are chipping in and doing what they can to help.

3 (1h 36m 11s):
A lot of people write to me personally, or to citizens assisting citizens, to see what they can do to help. And I think that’s, that’s been a blessing. A lot of folks, I think the difference is between whether you are throwing money at something, versus whether you are actually putting your heart and your time and your energy and your fuel into something, that’s a good point. And I’m not getting anything out of this other than the experience and the ability to share this experience with Colin and with you as the other show hosts, especially, you know, Dave Jones who kicked me down a hundred dollar bill, just so that I could get the fuel back and forth to come up here, which is awesome.

3 (1h 36m 57s):
I mean, thank you so much, Dave, because that, that was the mood. Don’t mention it.

6 (1h 37m 4s):
So see that’s, that’s where you though set a standard of being proactive that, right. There’s what a good Prepper is. We, we prepare, we teach, but we are proactive. We are proactive in our own way, but you have really gone above and beyond to show that you were proactive, not only to your family, but to strangers and a whole community. You didn’t even know. I mean, that’s, that’s a huge standard right there, man. You had to kill her.

3 (1h 37m 28s):
Oh, it’s huge. I mean, it is, it is literally how people, you know, a couple of years ago, I said that I thought it could be possible that even though we live to a time where Preppers were laughed at and joked about and all that, I, with the direction that the world is going with this type of thing and you know, many other things like it, it was very possible that in 20, 30 years people look back and go wait, they used to fun of Preppers.

1 (1h 37m 57s):
I mean, these are the people who have kept everything going, you know, and I really do think that there’s going to be, there’s going to be a lot of people who are into preparedness, who go the same route as a Ryan. You know, one, one such guy is, is bare independent, and he does big time. Mission’s, you know, similar to what Ryan is doing with a lot of people and really takes it on, on his shoulders and makes it happen. And just imagine if the prepping community put out, you know, 52, a hundred of these type of people, I mean, you could radically affect change, you know,

5 (1h 38m 34s):
And this is how you invented this best or a coffee. If you remember back when we first talked about disaster coffee, you wanted to get in a truck, go down to the hurricane sites. And you said that wasn’t possible, but you invented desk or coffee just for this.

1 (1h 38m 57s):
Well, yeah. And the CAC who Ryan is working with is one of the people that we said we wanted to support with disaster coffee too. So it’s, A, it is, you know, I don’t know, man, you know, there’s a wavelength out there and, and when you’re sometimes people collectively get on the same wave length in these weird things happen. And I think that’s just what we’re watching, you know? And hopefully more people get on this wave length. I’d love it. If we could convince the people who are holding the signs and setting the fire’s in the streets of our city’s to say, you know what, there’s a lot of purpose out there and you could find tremendous purpose through helping really helping people who need it.

1 (1h 39m 36s):
You know, because if we had that many people, a, if we had all those people who are protesting, you know, down in, in places that are smashed by hurricanes or out in the wildfires, or even in other nations, man, make a huge difference. But there are, I mean, there are already tons of people, you know, I learned from the disaster coffee, Instagram, I learned about how many volunteers and volunteer groups there are across the world doing good. And it is astounding.

1 (1h 40m 7s):
It’s astounding. I’m sure it’s, I’m sure it’s in my future, but it’s just not in the current situation.

5 (1h 40m 15s):
Yeah. Well, Hey guys, I got an hour drive before I can get home. And I’m the smokes really bothered me, but got a respirator back. No, God bless you, man. You or you’re killing it though. You were really doing something that’s great, man. Take care. Do you think you can reach out, maybe do something in your local communities. We’re not out of the The how do you say not yet? I mean, there’s another storm barreling down on Louisiana as we speak, I believe.

5 (1h 40m 47s):
Yeah. You know, we’ve got another big one headed our way and Laura wasn’t supposed to be as big as they had a said she was

6 (1h 40m 54s):
Going to be. So it’s going to be interesting for us here in the South.

1 (1h 40m 58s):
Yeah, no doubt about it.

5 (1h 41m 0s):
You know, get for those of you who listen to the, the Shows in the South are the East coast. I mean, spend some time now getting ready for this kind of stuff or being prepared to be able to just stockpile stuff in the background because you know, you’re going to need it or I need to deploy it for you. No, get plugged in with the right people. You know, the lions clubs, the A Eagles clubs, the charities, the churches. I mean, just get, I mean, that’s all it takes is to just make a phone call and say, I want to help.

5 (1h 41m 31s):
And you don’t have to even mention that you’re a Prepper I didn’t not one of these peoples has any idea that I’m a Prepper that I have a radio show or that I do podcast or any of this kind of stuff. All I am to them. There’s the guy behind the wheel on the truck and that’s all they need to know.

1 (1h 41m 46s):
Yeah, no, that’s a big, yeah. That’s a big piece, right? No, no. I’m stealing the show to show up and do the work and have the effect, man. It’s powerful. Right?

5 (1h 41m 59s):
You guys, I’m going to leave to go have a great night and thanks to all of our listeners and for everyone who supported this effort. I know there’s a Gallop in BC who donated $250 to the cause I’m going to get her name and give her a shout out tomorrow night. You know who you are, but thank you very much. I appreciate your help. You too, Dave. Appreciate it. Bye dad. No problem. Take care.

1 (1h 42m 21s):
Yeah. That’s something, you know, unfortunately, and fortunately America reacts to these types of things, you know?

6 (1h 42m 32s):
Well, it’s humbling. I he’s not in it for the notoriety.

1 (1h 42m 35s):
Yeah. Well not only that it’s it could. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if it could be a solution, but I’ll tell you what, as the disasters ramp up, they very well could be a saving grace in terms of the unity of the nation. You know? Cause we are not getting behind a president ever again. I don’t think, you know, no, there’s no leader coming. Who’s going to wow. Us all and say, ah, let’s stand with him, but I’ll tell you what, when we see things like that. And for those of you listening, we put a bunch of pictures up in chat, which is why I always tell you, please, signup, get into the chat room.

1 (1h 43m 12s):
But when you see things like that, and that’s when Marilyn’s, that’s when Americans put all their crap aside and they say, we got to help you. No, that’s when a conservative in a liberal could be serving food and the same next to each other, you know, as, as, even if they’re dominant in their circles, you know, they can get together behind this idea that let’s help the people who need help. And yeah, I mean, you’d hate to see, you’d hate to see unity spurred in the nation at the behest of our fellow Americans who are suffering through disasters, but people in New York say the greatest day in New York was

3 (1h 43m 52s):
The day after nine 11. So, you know, there’s something there we care about each other for sure. And a jeez look at that bus. God. Yeah. We care about each other more than we care about the differences. The differences are petty, you know, survival. The difference is dissolve. When, when school buses are melted, like the one I’m looking at right now, you know, my whole towns.

3 (1h 44m 25s):
Yeah, that right here, downtown. I noticed that transformer up on the pole and I said, well, that must be a major road or an intersection. That’s when I asked Ryan, I said, is this downtown, downtown is down. It is over. Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. And when you’re in that situation, man, it’s, it’s amazing because there’s nothing you can do.

3 (1h 44m 56s):
All the stuff goes up, the windows, you just, its coming. The fire’s coming. It is what it is. You know, it’s just coming. You can’t stop it. There’s nobody who can stop it. There’s no fourths. You know,

6 (1h 45m 11s):
This is why we Prepper. I mean you think about it. Could you imagine? I mean, I know I couldn’t be an in that situation where you hear the roar and in the fire and you had to just grab your stuff and go or a run. I mean,

3 (1h 45m 22s):
That’s the importance of the evacuation plan. You know, you get a gun,

6 (1h 45m 26s):
That’s why I’m so, so adamant about the emergency backpack. Even if you don’t get to make it out with everything, at least you can make it out with your shelf. And just the essence Shows I mean, cause my insurance is going to be my children before I think about too much of anything else. So it’s little stuff as I have to grab is going to be the best thing. I will gladly lose everything in my house house as long as it keeps my life and my children’s lives safe.

3 (1h 45m 50s):
Yeah. This is the focus point. Go ahead. Put a little perspective on a fertile listeners. Let’s do it. Okay. So the dead sea scrolls were found. All right, hold on, hold on, Dave and Dave over start over. Cause that sounded really cool.

3 (1h 46m 22s):
Okay. Dead sea scrolls were found because someone was prepping. OK. We don’t know who put them in, put them in the jars, right? Yeah, exactly. But they thought the world was coming to an end and it’s the oldest recorded version of the Bible anywhere from 150 BC, a hundred

5 (1h 46m 50s):
A D and I knew the Vatican still won’t let us know what it says. Well, there’s, Preppers been around since the world’s been around. We left behind, we leave behind. I mean, think about your legacy. I had another Prepper friend. He says, look, if I don’t use this, I’ll pass it on to my kids and think about what calling and I mean, he is getting first hand what his dad wanted him to get.

5 (1h 47m 34s):
Oh, for sure. Yeah.

1 (1h 47m 37s):
You had to spend two years doing a Prepper show and then to go see this firsthand. I mean, it’s just, it’s grounded in there’s it’s a braided into the DNA now.

5 (1h 47m 50s):
Yup. Yup.

1 (1h 47m 52s):
Yeah. There’s something special about it. It’s it’s, it’s the craziest thing because it’s totally a nightmare and you hate to see anybody go through it, but there’s something special that happens to us when people go through it, you know, we see it from the outside and we feel compelled to help you.

5 (1h 48m 11s):
But even from some of the ugliest and darkest situations, sometimes the most beautiful or brightest things can arise from it.

1 (1h 48m 19s):
That is usually the case. You know? That is usually the case. Yeah.

5 (1h 48m 26s):
I always say through adversity comes opportunity. So

1 (1h 48m 32s):
It’s just, how do we, how do we, how do we get the people who, you know, because a lot of people who are asked riddled right now or looking, they, if they were doing, if they woke up and Ryan’s body and we’re doing what he is doing, there would be no protesting. They would have found that satisfaction in that purpose that they’re looking for in helping people in this facet. You know what I mean? I think, I think a lot of people want to help.

1 (1h 49m 5s):
They don’t know how or who to help, but I think a lot of these young people are looking to find purpose in their life. You know, they’ve grown up with the internet and, and for all its flaws, the internet has shown some light on the fact that you want to be, you want to live for something more than money, you know? And I think, I think a lot of young people are trying to figure out what that is. You know, it’s tough because they, they wind up living out of order. And what I mean by that is they wind up messing up the whole Maslow’s hierarchy of needs because their parents and because society is so great, you know?

1 (1h 49m 45s):
So it’s like before they set up shelter and love and all those things, they’re already jumping to self actualization in the way they’re self actualizing is I’m going to join this, this movement to help people who need help. And the way we’re going to help them is totally screwed up. But at least I’m, I’m self-actualizing and I’m doing something that’s more than just going after a paycheck and a, you know, they really need guidance. I think in, when you see an opportunity like this, or an opportunity to help people who are really in need at the moment, you know, cause this is a one picture of one.

1 (1h 50m 24s):
Place just to imagine how many places look like this between Washington, between California. I think you’ve in Arizona. Right? You got some wildfires. So, you know, just is what it is. There’s a lot of people who need help out their, and a lot of young people who want to help someone, but I don’t think they know how. So they find themselves in this defund, the police nonsense. And it’s a shame.

6 (1h 50m 50s):
Yeah. I think they’re too focused on the political aspect of everything going on and paying attention to what’s actually going on right in front of them. That’s like Gatlinburg when Gatlinburg, you know, that whole area, all of that caught on fire. I mean, everybody was coming to, to clean, up to try to help people find loved ones and everything else. Cause I remember driving through there after the fires and it was absolutely devastating.

1 (1h 51m 20s):
Well, you know, what, do you know what in Ryan mentioned this, you’ve you where you take your eyes off the enemy for a minute. You know, when it’s, when it’s this bad, like he was saying, people are saying it could be ours and maybe it is ours and maybe it’s not, it doesn’t really matter. At this point. All it matters is rebuilding. And right now it’s the opposite in this movement. This cultural revolution in our nation is not about anything, but the villains it’s Trump. It’s the police. It’s the same.

6 (1h 51m 50s):
At this point, everybody is a villain. Everybody has been villainized in some way, shape or form. Now, when is it that you open your eyes and look at the victims? Not, not the victim here, creating the people, the bystanders, the individuals who, whose lives and businesses and homes have been destroyed, whether it be by fire or the stupid.

1 (1h 52m 10s):
Yeah. There’s no doubt about it. That’s the key difference. That’s it we’ve talked.

6 (1h 52m 15s):
You and I still get to feed our family when we go home at the end of the day, but we still have to go to sleep and be able to live with who we are.

1 (1h 52m 24s):
Preppers LIVE as the s**t. That’s all I have to say. The fact that we’ve arrived at this, go ahead, Dave. Don’t worry about it. The fact that, and I’m laughing, everything you guys are saying, it’s just, I can’t participate. I had to fix the chicken coop. Cause I screwed it up. When I made The beds for the goats that are the door when you close. Yeah.

1 (1h 52m 54s):
So I was down there so on, I will listen to him to everything. And then when I came on and it was off, I mean it was craziness, but yeah. Prepping in a 10:00 PM. 10:00 PM. Eastern standard over here, Dave, still building doors and s**t

6 (1h 53m 11s):
Like my needs fixing

1 (1h 53m 13s):
A lot. I love it, man. No, but the fact that we’ve arrived at this point in this show is so cool to me that we’ve picked through this thing and came to the conclusion that man it’s either focused on the enemy’s or focused on the victims. If you see exactly where, I mean, you could see where someone’s heart is, you know?

6 (1h 53m 34s):

1 (1h 53m 37s):
What else we got or is it time? It’s almost 10 someone up or when they fall or do you kick them when they’re on down? Yeah. Right? That’s it? Yeah. That’s it.

6 (1h 53m 47s):
I tell my kids. I tell my kids fall to get back up. You always fall down just to get back up. You don’t lay there. Don’t cry. Rub a little dirt in it. You’ll be just fine and keep doing it.

1 (1h 53m 60s):
Yeah. It’s A that is a good one. What are you focused on? Are you focused on lifting people up or are you focused on kicking people who are down? That’s another, that’s a nut. I mean, these are just great ways to try to come to grips with what the hell is going on in our nation. Right now we are in total kick people while they’re down mode, right? Biden is losing his mind. He’s unfit. Trump is a liar, racist homophobe. You know what I mean? It’s, that’s what it is. Were on attack mode instead of a help.

1 (1h 54m 31s):
Whew. I’m never going to bed tonight, guys. I’m going to,

6 (1h 54m 36s):
It’d be kind of off, but a YouTube. You should remember it. Do you not remember? It was years ago when all of those fingers saying, what was it Where or United or something all across the entire United States at the same time.

1 (1h 54m 53s):
I don’t remember that.

6 (1h 54m 54s):
I remember like Michael Jackson and all of them is huge televised event. You know, it was, you know, it was it. Cause I said it was a whole thing during the middle of the year where they were United and the nations and they literally sing it from all the way across the entire country to show that we were United as people. And this was years before nine 11. We are the world. Yes. You know? And I remember that.

6 (1h 55m 25s):
I mean to shut up before I put my foot in my mouth. Cause that’s what you do.

1 (1h 55m 29s):
No chin said it was, we are the World is a charity single, originally recorded by the super group USA for Africa in 1985. It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie produced by doing something. I

6 (1h 55m 44s):
Guess maybe in my mind when I was as young as I was, it was as unity as people altogether and you know, a diversity in unity, but yeah. Okay. I,

1 (1h 55m 54s):
You weren’t even alive back then. I wasn’t alone.

6 (1h 55m 57s):
No, but I remember it being, I remember hearing about it growing up.

1 (1h 56m 2s):
Let me see. There’s gotta be a thing. American idol version, notable LIVE performances. This is probably it in 1993. This is the one. Oh, maybe not. I don’t know.

6 (1h 56m 15s):
Okay. LIVE and 93,

1 (1h 56m 20s):
The inaugural celebration was held for the U S president elect bill Clinton. The event was staged in by Clinton’s a Hollywood friend’s at the Lincoln Memorial and drew hundreds of thousands of people. Yeah. That was it. Aretha Franklin LL. Cool. J Michael Bolton, Tony Bennett. That had to be it Edward Roth in Steen. But I bet it had its effect despite the Clinton and I’m sure you know what I mean? I’m sure it was a good deal. Yeah. Where is all that?

1 (1h 56m 50s):
Right? Where is all that? It’s crazy where we’re at, but you know, then again, where are we at? Because when I go out there and I talk to people one-on-one, everybody’s cool. You know what I mean? I mean, when’s the last time you get, you get into one on one conversation with someone and you’re ready to kill them. The way that you see people in the streets. I mean, the reality is we get along, we get along and we find common ground together. It’s the only, when we get behind the phone behind the microphone, behind the whatever text message, social media that we start to become toxic.

1 (1h 57m 27s):
And we’re like, Oh, I’ll tell him, let me just tell him about himself. Let me tell him about his precedent. You know, you don’t walk up to people say, Oh, Hey, how you doing? Hey or you a Trump supporter? Cause he’s a idiot. You know those things, they don’t never happen in real life. Nobody cares if you want to be good to each other. Yeah. I, I think we’ve reached the tail end here folks. I think we’ve made some great discoveries, had some great conversations. Big thanks to Ryan for BNR on the ground reporter of, of Walden in the, in the crazy situation that they’re living through.

1 (1h 58m 2s):
And man wouldn’t example to lead. Hey, it’s, Preppers, LIVE, it’s fun. Another great show. We are going to have Jason Charles on soon and I don’t know how many of you know who he is, but he’s in New York. Prepper I think We, he was on doomsday. Preppers at one point he’s been published in A some articles alongside me and other articles on his own. And you know, he’s, he’s a very opinionated guy, so he’s going to be a fun guest to have on Preppers LIVE so yes, stay tuned folks more to come.

1 (1h 58m 36s):
And of course the PBN lineup begins tomorrow with double barrel Tuesday. Don’t miss it. Alright. It’s a James Walton, Jordan, Dave Jones and Ryan Buford tonight signing off on a Preppers LIVE and we’ll talk soon.

7 (1h 58m 54s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tuning in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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