August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence


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Host: Katzcradul “The Homestead Honey Hour

PREPPERSRemember the days when you’d hear the term ‘Prepper’ as often as you heard ‘gluten Intolerance’? Remember the days when Preppers, although a bit reluctant to reveal their passion for self-reliance, would do so with a sense of enthusiasm and pride? What happened to those days, and more importantly, where have all the preppers gone?

PREPPERSJoin Katzcradul as she discusses the apparent rise and fall of the Prepper phenomenon. She thinks there’s some important questions we should be asking ourselves. Do we now believe that our national power grid is in better shape than it was two years ago? Do we now believe that reliance on government agencies to take care of us in times of disaster is a good plan? Do we think that the food in supermarkets is safer to eat and a dependable source for our dinner table? Do we think public schools under Common Core are now paragons of education? Do we believe that our legislators are competent and work tirelessly to ensure our freedoms are maintained? Maybe you’re one who feels your world is now a safer place with scanners at airports, cameras on every street corner, surveillance through all our electronic devices, and drones patrolling overhead. No? Then join Katz as she discusses what she believes the new face of preparedness will look like in 2014.

PREPPERSKatz will also be talking with special guest, Joseph Phillips of Heirloom Seed Banks. Heirloom Seed Banks is a sponser of APN Radio and is eager to discuss his product with Homestead Honey Hour listeners. He will tell you why he thinks he offers a superior product, and you’re invited to call-in with your questions for him.
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