January 26, 2022


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This Preppers Dinner

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This Preppers Dinner

Idaho Mountain meI use to be an interior design consultant. I use to make lots of money, a whole lot of money. I’ve eaten dinner at some of the best restaurants around and I’ve bought drinks for those I did not know.  Now I’m a Prepper.

I want to share with you my plans for tonight’s dinner and it may not be what you would expect. You see, unlike many Preppers I dove in and completely immersed myself into prepping. I gave up my lavish lifestyle, sold or gave away everything I had and moved to the mountains of northern Idaho to prepare. It was and is a good idea but left me faced with drastic changes in my lifestyle I still find myself adjusting to.

I don’t have the money I once had and what little I do have is spent on necessities such as tobacco and alcohol, we’ll call those barter items. Of course I also invest in my weapons and ammunition. My plumbing is the two buckets under the kitchen sink and the great outdoors. As you can see I have few concerns save for what type of leaves I may be using after a fine meal.

Foremost on my list of true concerns is what will be on my dinner plate each day. I do not want to always dip into my stores so am careful not to waste.  After searching through the cupboards and ice box I found what will surely be an enjoyable meal for both me and my dog, Juble.

The ingredients I had on hand:

dinner½ bag of pasta (A wide, flat, kind of curly noodle)

1/3 brick of Velveeta cheese (Beginning to get firm but free of mold)

1 gallon of milk (only 1/3 full but not yet sour)

1/3 pound of hamburger (in good condition)

½ pound of bacon pieces (A much better bye than conventional bacon)

While Boiling the pasta until desired tenderness fry up the hamburger and as much bacon as you can afford to use. Drain your pasta when done.  Add ½ cup of the non-soured milk (to stretch dinner) and most of the Velveeta cheese (save enough for a grilled cheese sandwich later). Add your cooked hamburger and bacon and mix entire ingredients until all cheese is melted. Season to taste and serve.

If you have a garden make that salad to go with your dinner and enjoy.

I hope you like my dinner recipe and will share. My name is gman, most of what I’ve written is true, you can find me emptying my waste buckets from under the sink or right here at PrepperBroadcasting.com

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