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Prepper Pride shines through in Triumph! Everyday people on to something big, really big, Monumental Even!

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Earth in handsLynna 100It’s a Miracle!  It’s a Miracle! Quietly and without fanfare last Friday slipped away and the world rocked on.  Not such a miracle really but a testament to the lives we live and the incredible planet we inhabit.  While the following things are true; #1 the end of the year is drawing near; #2 we totally dodged the bullet on Friday the 21st, and #3 my prediction was upheld, we are all still here, BUT what now? What does it all mean for the Prepper World?  Do we stop, throw our hands up and collectively sigh….”geez not another Y2K?”  I’ve watched the media with considerable mirth and some concern as they try to decipher the intent of Preppers and to see if in fact we are just a bunch of paranoid neurotics or if by chance maybe just maybe, in one or two of their minds, that we are on to something big, very big, monumental even!  OBVIOUSLY, we are not paranoid neurotics. None of us threw our hands up berating ourselves that WE were duped into another Y2K scenario and are busily thinking about trying to unload any surplus we have. Any Prepper worth his/her salt knows that the world doesn’t have to physically end for a disaster to befall any of us at any time.  That living a life prepared is much more. 

newspapers-and-glasses-1341392353G4gThe fact is, if the media took a moment to really take an honest look, they would see what we KNOW, and that my Ultimate’s is the benefits of a Prepper life style are visible each and every day in the lives we lead.  

I have been most fortunate for the past nearly two years to host an internet radio show courtesy of American Prepper Radio powered by PrepperBroadcasting.com. The shows focus since inception has been on you.  Earlier I referred to you as Ultimate’s, I love that word because you see I believe each and every one of you who shares the prepping life is an Ultimate Prep. You are the glue you are what makes’ preparing successful.  Without an Ultimate who is balanced in all areas of life from the physical to the emotional to the mental and spiritual, all the preps in the world would go for not. You must be prepared in all areas; fear and panic are the nemesis of survival and living a life of Peace and Power.  Being prepared creates a life chock full of Peace and Power putting an end to fear and panic.  Each week the show travels down a different path, sometimes focusing on physical stuff like food storage or how to build a fire or maybe we look at issues to stay healthy both body and mind or we take another fork and head into something totally out there. The point being is we as Preppers diversify and work towards balance. 

This past year has been a whirlwind. I took a few minutes to look at some of the 2012 archives, what a gamut of topics we covered. So you might be asking what was your triumph for 2012.  At first I thought that would be an easy answer, short and sweet.  Well in reality, it is easy, just not so short and sweet.  As with a lot of us I think coming to the realization that we are Preppers is a big step, not really surprising but very enlightening. You see I suppose in the strictest since I’ve always been a Prepper to one degree or another. But really a Prepper? You mean one of those people? It sounded all so so well maybe ominous and weird.  I mean come on look at the media hoopla?  Survivalist, Doomsdayers I mean you’ve all seen the media shows, The Doomsday Preppers and the headlines, the media focus on, let’s face it, a lot of us who are a bit extreme, well for me anyway.  BUT wait, really I don’t even think a lot of those depicted are extreme but the media doesn’t want to assist people in all walks to live a life of Power and Peace through preparedness, they just want to score ratings. Therefore, the media takes honest, hardworking Preppers and exploits what they are doing, embellishes their actions and makes them look, well outlandish in many cases. 

The thing is most of us even though we like marching to the beat of our own drum don’t really want or need to be labeled as outlandish or a kook. So as I reflected on my prepping triumphs for 2012 it dawned on me my largest accomplishment was to acknowledge to myself and publicly that I AM A PREPPER and PROUD of that label. Lynna is a Prepper and can’t wait for the opportunities that lie ahead in 2013.  So my Ultimate’s that’s my largest, biggest most dramatic triumph.  I AM A PREPPER! Moreover, ecstatically happy to be leading the way, hopefully, for others to find out they are Preppers too. 

That being a prepper enhances my life every day! I have had other triumphs as well; I have learned so very much this past year.  You see, coming up with a new show each week nearly 52 of them is an incredible opportunity for personal growth.   While I’d like you all to think wow that woman knows a lot, alas tis not true. I know a whole lot more now and I got there because of The Other Side of a Preppers Path and all the wonderful Ultimate’s who contacted me, as well as the super guests and other hosts who have all graciously joined me over the last year.  I  have learned how to increase my food supplies by becoming a window gardener year round, how hydroponics work, I learned that when the body is just 5% dehydrated that my decision making skills are decreased by 25%, needless to say before I make decisions now I make sure I’ve been drinking water! I learned about rain water catchments systems and cisterns, how I can supplement my water needs, how I can store foods and necessities in a root cellar and even better how to build a root cellar by myself, how to save money on just about anything with information about farmers markets, farm schools and couponing! I also learned how mother nature still has everything we need, I learned about Elder Berry tincture and I haven’t had a cold in ages or the flu, that simple herbs can replace many of today’s outlandishly priced medicines.

There isn’t room in this article to share with you all I’ve learned and the personal triumphs I have achieved this year. All I can say is check out the PrepperBroadcasting.com  website check my show page and pick out an archived show for that matter check all the hosts pages and listen in, the shows are all loaded with incredible information to assist you and yours in creating the prepared life of Peace and Power you deserve and can have. 

I want to encourage each one of you to take a moment sometime in the next week between Christmas and New Year’s, and take stock, look at your triumphs and those things that didn’t go quite as well.  Know that it’s a New Year a New Time and a Time to be Proud of being a Prepper.  I acknowledge there are some things that didn’t go quite so well in my prepper journey, but no worries I have time you have time. Evaluate where you are, set goals have that plan that we know all preppers must have.  As Janet, from Fed Health taught me at the very beginning of my journey we must be Aware, Prepare and Have a Plan, and that plan must have a plan too. 

I hope you’ll all continue your path to preparedness this coming year, I know that 2013 will be full of opportunities for all of us. I am ready for new triumphs that leading a life of preparedness will surely bring with Peace and Power.  Maybe you are new to the prepping life style because it is a lifestyle, a frame of mind.  Just like that old movie quote about Christmas.  Christmas is not just a day it’s a frame of mind.  Well Prepping isn’t just for a day it’s a frame of mind a lifestyle.  If you are new to the mindset or have been doing it awhile here are a couple of quick tips or steps to assess what you already have or use to make your initial plan.  I do want to remind you that it’s ok to change a plan, that’s what makes a good prepper plan, adaptability.  This list is in no particular order as there isn’t a right or wrong order; it depends on where you are at perhaps time wise or financially just get started.

  1-Be as healthy as you can be, build your immune system, gain needed weight or lose excess pounds, build stamina for walking/working, work on decreasing dependency on prescription drugs find alternatives or get the necessary stock of medicines you have to have

 2- Make a Plan for all areas of your life and preparing

3-Get a bug out bag together start with a simple 72 hour bag and increase from there

4- Store, conserve and harvest water

5- Work towards at least 3 months to a year of food storage

6- Obtain alternate sources of power

7- Have an alternate or back up shelter plan/ get a backup shelter tent etc. 

8- Communication start with a small battery powered AMFM radio or the wind ups or HAM radio

9- Put together a first aid kit get training for basic CPR and first aid

10- Look into security/defense devices and training

11- Bug out vehicle/routes/fuel 

These are just a quick 11 ideas and not necessarily the top 11 but a good place to begin a new plan or reassess one.  Check out the on line resources at ready.gov

Be Proud to be a Prepper!  Remember it’s not just a day it’s a frame of mind.


Written by: Lynna aka Naturesmagick of The Other Side…A Preppers Path

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