October 27, 2021


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Prepper Myths and Rants
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Myths and RantsAre you familiar with the ever ending myths that go behind prepping? I will answer some  of these questions that non preppers ask all of the time. Questions such as, are we all just paranoid loons? Do we all wear tin foil hats waiting for the end? Why do you think the world is going to end? You are crazy if you think the government will not protect us.

Those above mentioned are but just a few questions that anyone familiar with prepping or visiting the different forums and blogs run across. There are so many misunderstandings about preppers that I think it is time to talk about the relenting myths and labels that we all face today in this world.

Many view preppers as people who just waste money on food, supplies, weapons and the like, yet they are not so quick to judge when a katrina event happens and they are stuck with nothing.

2-15-16 5c887b059fb44ab401fba51e0cce13efThe prepper lifestyle is not a new event, we have been doing it for eons. Our ancestors did it, and did it as a lifestyle to survive. Today with all of the modern conveniences a lot of people do not realize that the local super market generally only have a few days worth of food on hand for the public and if that stops… well you don’t have to guess what would happen then. Riots, looting, and normally good people doing bad things to feed themselves are none to common in the event of a disaster.

I think the biggest part of prepping is education. When we see the conditions of today’s world and the decline of society as a whole we all have to think toward the future and what will come tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.. My rants will be on the judgement of preppers and some on preppers themselves. We have a lot of flaws when it comes to preparedness and attitude that go’s with it. Please forgive me if I strike any nerves but a lot of stuff I have seen and currently see about preppers that I think needs to be brought to light, so please enjoy the show!
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