August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

James Walton “I Am Liberty

WILLPOWERRunning up a stiff incline the other day I thought about willpower and a book about the finite daily resource that is willpower. I thought about a fed up American population that is stressed to the max about issues both personal and social. Willpower is often the driving force behind achievement as it usually happens early in the morning when you’d prefer to be in bed or late at night when the same is true. So to start the show I want to talk about willpower.

WILLPOWER bambi-cave-paintingA new study suggests our hunter gatherer ancestors had access to plenty of carbs and that though the Paleo diet may be an effective way to lose some weight its probably not terribly accurate. This is just a topic that interests me and we will talk about it as well

8-21-15 arrowgraphdownTo round the show it I think its important that we take a good look at the world and what legs its on right now. Did you know there are 23 stock markets around the world that are currently crashing. There are several precursors of the 2008 crash (copper price, junk bonds, oil sinking) that are all falling into place. I am not saying its a done deal but with each passing day it seems to be getting closer.

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