June 24, 2021


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The Prepper as an Ambassador

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The Prepper as an Ambassador
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The Prepper as an AmbassadorWith the influx of disasters and attack in 2017 I made the proclamation back in October that it was the year of the prepper. Never before have we been faced with so many major league disasters that touched on so many issues. Just think of the various conversations that are brewing in this nation based on the year 2017.

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· Government Disaster Relief

· Funding for Disaster Recovery

· Gun Control

· The presidency

· Americans and Preparedness

· Americans’ responsibility in a disaster

· The future of disaster in America

Now, more than ever, the world is hungry for voices and experts on the subject. I think its time that we see the emergence of prepper ambassadors to the public. We need to make a splash in 2018. We need to come out of the closet. Because the less likely scenario is that we are going to see the world collapse in 2018 but a sure thing is powerful regional disasters. I mean Eerie just got 4 feet of snow dumped on them.

We, somehow, must get preparedness up the rungs of societies ladder. This is going to make all the difference. Now, how we do that without taking our clothes off, going into rehab or having babies with funny names is beyond me.

Still, its up to the creative minds in the community to start getting advice and information out to the public. I will be doing my part by querying top tier magazines on the various types of disasters and how people can prepare for them. I used to only query prepper magazines but now I am going to query the big guys in hopes that just one of them picks up my work and maybe some Americans are inspired to begin prepping.

How will you be a prepper ambassador in 2018? Do you have a plan?

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