August 9, 2022


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Does Prepping Make us Paranoid?

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Does Prepping Make us Paranoid?
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Does Prepping Make us Paranoid?Earlier shows I’ve talked about how paranoia can be a part of prepping and is it good or not? Well this show is about “Does Prepping Make us Paranoid?” This is a simple question, with a harder answer. Since the term prepper has come about it has been synonymous with paranoid people that cannot think straight. But is this accurate? Or does one lead to another? Does all of this preparing and training make us all a little paranoid when it comes to understanding what we see around us? Or is what we train and plan for what some call paranoia really better self-awareness?

I will discuss this more in depth to better understand what exactly this kind of lifestyle is. What does prepping do for us? Is prepping for better or for worse? I have various ways of looking at this. Training can make us more aware of a situation and our surroundings. However, it can also make us paranoid to certain subjects and people that we encounter. So what is the deal? Does this cause us to be paranoid? Or does it take a paranoid person to prep? Or are we just simply more aware? It is kind of like the chicken and egg question, what comes first?

Does this prepping just amplify our paranoia or does the paranoia make us prep? I know some people believe that paranoia is just made up. We will delve more into the aspects of psychology and sciences to determine what all it says about prepping and see if we can come to a conclusion. As always enjoy the show!
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