June 24, 2021


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Paranoia in prepping good or bad?

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Paranoia in prepping  good or bad?
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Paranoia in prepping good or badWe often get called paranoid and crazy. We also get told that nothing will ever happen, we will be fine, and we do not have to worry about anything. I am sure the people who suffered Katrina, or Fukushima thought the same thing till disaster hit them. Yet people still dismiss these events as random. We as preppers see this as an opportunity to teach people that being prepared could have saved a lot of pain and suffering that is not necessary if people would just open their eyes.

5-16-16 Fukushima_fire_explosion_radiationThis episode I will talk about paranoia, if this is a good or bad thing for us, can it be our ally or our downfall? We are always looking for signs of what could be and what is plausible to happen. Is this our paranoia setting in or are we just cautious and have our eyes open to the signs of the time? How many disasters have we had happen in the past say 20 years? There’s way too many to count on one hand by my reckoning. If we want to label paranoia as simply opening our minds to the possibility of a future that looks bleak then I guess we would fit the description of paranoid, however is this a bad thing?

5-16-16 1860871_origI can see the issues with too much paranoia; it can make us think everything we see is a sign of disaster. The whole problem with it is that we are so worried about what could happen we forget to live our lives. So during this episode I will try to discern what is worse, being too paranoid, or being paranoid to a point where it helps us. Hopefully we can all learn something and make us all think about our mental preparedness along with our physical during this episode; again questions are encouraged and wanted. Enjoy the show!
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