August 10, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Historically Speaking
DJ Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

Historically Speaking‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ – George Santayana

This week on Surviving Dystopia stop into the chat and share your thoughts as we touch on a few factors in the past and examine how they relate to our future. Have you ever thought about a person who continually does the same things over and over again and seems to never get why the outcome is always the same? If we want a different outcome then we must walk a different path.

History is an often underrated teacher, it is said we can’t change the past. That is correct but we can examine what the cause and effect can teach us about a number of scenarios. How each specific event affected those it touched.

Historically Speaking depressionThe great depression can teach the prepper a great deal about making good choices in bad markets, about who it affected most and least and how to maximize your chances for survival.

Other historically spoken events include droughts or famine, weather events, war and yes even political policies that could endanger our way of life. Thinking on history also reminds us that forgotten history can also lead to inaccurate history. I’d also like to talk about the ways a few iconic quotes or symbols have become associated with things that are often opposite of what was their original symbolism. We can learn much about who we are by taking time to relate what can be seen in a great book The Lessons of History to our current time.

3-16-16 bookThis week there are a few specific events to discuss and many to consider. Ways we can remember what the history teaches us and apply it to our own lives and preparations. What should it teach us so we can seek in it ways to better our chances in the future.

There is much to be found in our past to aid us in an uncertain future, learning from traditions passed down like in the foxfire series.
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