October 27, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Expectations of yourself and that of others!

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I am liberty 125Expectations. It’s been an ugly week and I attribute many of the problems in my world to the lack of expectations put on people. Great relationships, great businesses run with help of expectations from those involved. So why don’t we expect things from our fellow Americans. I have said before I expect the Muslim religion to stand up for their belief against these twisted factions that think tearing human apart by any means is how you praise God. I expect neighbors to be such to help one another and communicate. Expectations.

The fact is when you read the articles about the “coming collapse” understand it’s already happening. One of the things you never hear in the garble of economic collapse, terrorist attack, EMP attack, super volcano, yadda yadda, is the collapse of society and morality itself. We are living it. This is a disaster that you should be preparing for currently because it is all around us. It’s something for nothing. Its take, take, take. Its rampant drug use, pornography, and a coming generation that lives by the adage, ‘if it feels good do it.’ It’s not about getting prepared for what’s coming. It’s about realizing the danger you are currently facing.

In your attempts to put together a safe haven you will surely have to store some food. On I Am Liberty we will also talk about mercury in canned fish and what you can do to combat that.

Re-root America is making leaps and bounds. I will update you on all the news on the movement. The website, www.rerootusa.com, goes live on May 6th. We need your help with content! If you believe in what we are trying to achieve please contact me at iamlibertyshow@gmail.com. Help us with the blog, forum moderation and getting this thing off the ground.
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