Are Preppers Hoarders?
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Are Preppers HoardersThe question of this show is this, are preppers hoarders? Do hoarders use the prepping venue to mask their illness and cover up their hoarding ways? Or are all preppers just natural hoarders? This question is hard to answer and might bring up a few questions of their own when we discuss this.

5-2-16 hoarders2I have often thought that some preppers are just hoarders for the sake of hoarding, yet I can clearly distinguish the difference of some preppers and some hoarders. I often thought that latter were those people that just collect useless junk and really have no practical use for what they have. However I have noticed a lot of those hoarders generally have a “plan” for those items in the future yet never seem to get around to it. I have also seen preppers have a hoarding mentality whereas a lot of their stores are seem to be done on impulse rather than need or a well thought out plan.

How many times have we went to a friend’s house or a friend of a friends and they have stuff everywhere? I know I have and I often wonder what their thinking about. Is an illness or is there a plan to their madness.

5-2-16 imagesWe will discuss this further and see what the science says about this, and see what we all think about it. I am split 50/50 I have seen a few people I thought were hoarders but genuinely had a use for all of their stores. However this can be frivolous as well. Is it something just to keep around or maybe a feeling of security to have the objects? Whatever it is, prepping, hoarding, the two are somewhat closely related and we will see if we can get to the bottom of all of the questions I pose on this episode, so enjoy the show!
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