October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

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Prepper Groups on The Prepared Canadian!

Prepper groups are an ever growing desire for today’s prepper, and with good reason.  It has often been said that no man is an island, and the same applies to preppers.  No one man could be expected to perform all the duties that will be required of us should we need to head to our bug out location and weather out whatever storm has come.  Food preparation, security, and a multitude of other chores just can’t be done by one person alone.  The answer is a prepper group.  But just how do you go about getting one together?  Of course you will need a location, shelter, and supplies, but the biggest concern should be diversity of skills.  This of course, is achieved by bringing fellow preppers into your pans and creating a group.  But, unlike buying land, canning food, or building a cabin, choosing the right members for your group takes a lot more work and even more thought.

This week on The Prepared Canadian, we’ll take a look at my 6 steps to integrating new members into your survival plans.  Also, hold onto your hats folks, because I have a brand new editorial cued up and ready to fire!

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