Prepper Dating

Prepper Dating
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Prepper DatingYou hear about it, we get questions about it often but yet there is no good sources for it. This show is to be dedicated to those that already prep together and for those searching for another to share in the thinking, this life style of prepping.

I talk about a few websites that might help you with this. The need to find someone of like mind is key to this lifestyle, the worst thing I think is to have someone that is not in line with the way you live.

Prepping would be hard if the other person is not on par with what you are doing. If you are lucky to find someone that is with you in prepping you can build a good future together. You will develop supplies, skills and be on the same page if something does happen. I can picture it now going to flea markets, or sporting goods stores and the spouse is just as excited as you.

Having a plan to bug out, bug in, having the skills to protect you and your family and not be dependent on one person can be useful. The worst thing is having a non-prepping spouse and be completely dependent on you.

The few sites I have hopefully will give you a leg up if you are looking for someone. It is often hard to find one that will match up to your needs, prepping lifestyle is so varied that to have someone on the same page is not so easy. I often thought of this lifestyle as crazies and all paranoid people till I started seeing the signs of the world myself. I then started looking for those that had similar opinions and come to find out there were a lot of them. The good thing is this type of lifestyle comes in all walks of life, creeds, and orientations. With this knowledge we know there is someone out there for each of us, who will yours be? Listen to the show and find out!
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