September 25, 2022


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Preparewise, long term emergency food, and Prepping!

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The Homestead Honey Hour this week, Thursday, May 31st with there guest for the first half hour, Chris, from, a company that makes a line of long term, emergency food supply items a lot of informative was learned. The gals on the Homestead Honey Hour were all sent samples of products that were provided by and all were pretty much in agreement to the exceptional quality and taste of  the products for long term emergency food.  A few of the Honeys did do a Youtube on the products that can be viewed. You can find there Youtube channels by going to there Show Page. Questions on ingredients, shelf life, and much more was discussed and talked about. Chris also brought some nice food gifts that were handed out as prizes for on air questions answered which brought a lot of fun to the chat room. If you are looking for a provider of emergency food with a long storage life that is healthy and taste good be sure check into

The show went on from there with more of the Honey gals fielding many questions from chat and different callers on air. If you missed this show you only missed the chat room as you can go to player below and still learn a great deal from The Homestead Honeys on long term emergency food, canning, and much more.

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