August 10, 2022


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The Secure Dad and Parenting!

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The Secure Dad and Parenting
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The Secure Dad and ParentingI wish I could say that there has been a gap since my last installment of this school shooting series. I wish I could say that the importance of this topic was fading and that maybe this collection of shows that I have done is going to be irreleavant. I would like to say that I had any confidence in the fact that this was an issue that was going to go away.

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This last installment we are going to have a Andy Murphy from the which is an amazing site.

I’ve always been the guy who can’t sit with his back to the door but on April 20th 1999 the shooting at Columbine High School was a wake up call for me. While I was thousands of miles away, that day I learned that my safety was my own responsibility. Since then I’ve developed situational awareness and a secure mindset. This has kept me safe on numerous occasions. Since the day I became a dad my need for security increased and heart grew tenfold. Being responsible for more than just my own well being is a big responsibility and one that I take very seriously. I want to share my experience and observations with other parents so they can lead happy, secure lives.

This is a great conversation on the I AM Liberty Show. Not only will it be a brilliant end to the three-part series on school shootings but it may be one of the best guests appearances that we have ever had. Whatever you do, please, set some time aside for this show. If you are a parent this is going to be a great guest for you.

After this show is wrapped I am going to edit a massive podcast episode that is going to link together all of our great guests on the topic of school shootings!

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