November 29, 2022


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The New Prepping Basics!

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The New Prepping Basics!
James Walton “I Am Liberty ” Audio player below!

The New Prepping BasicsFor a guy like me its crucial that I stay grounded in how I prepare and the projects that I undertake in my personal life. This is because I can get so deep into the storm that I get lost. Its not hard, this day and age, to do that. There is so much information and so many products and services, you can very quickly find yourself in a hamster wheel and your preparedness goals may start to fall to the wayside.

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That said, I think it might be time for a discussion of prepping basics. This is to benefit both you the listener and me the yacker. Why? Well, I am the type of person who benefits most from spilling my brain out on the table, vocally. As a solo thinker I do pretty good but when I am with a group and I am vomiting ideas out at rapid speed and maybe even under some pressure, well, that is where some of my best stuff comes out.

What happens if we sit down and start to shape the basics of preparedness and disaster survival. Now, we can talk about stockpiling, food storage, firearms, self-defense, and the bugout but what if we started over? What if we started with a blank slate, what if we were creating the prepping world again? And what would it look like with the technology and the knowledge we have of today’s world?

What are the New Prepping Basics?

We may find out nothing has changed we may find out that everything has changed. Either way, I am going to spend some time thinking about this in detail and come away with some concrete thoughts that I can bring to the show this week. Bring your thinking caps and don’t miss this one in player above!

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