Taking your Home Back!
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Taking your Home BackIf you have lived through a terrifying survival situation the disaster itself could only be the beginning. This is especially true in urban areas. Are you prepared to be under siege by multiple attackers in your home? You may or may not. What fighting has taught me, whether we are talking about muay thai or Brazilian jiu jitsu, you never really know the direction of a physical altercation. Whether it involves guns or not.

What would you do if you were kicked out of your home. If your house was overtaken by some monsters who were just merciful enough to put you out into the cold with your family. There are some very important techniques that can be used to get you back into your home.

Topics Discussed:

· Losing your home
· Preparing outside your home
· Local caches
· Taking your home back
· February yoga challenge

It may be one of the worst-case scenarios. Losing your home and being shoved out into the cold world with only your bugout bag and your wits. Most of the time we spend our time talking about how we would conquer that outside world. How would we survive the cold world and the wet world. There is very little talk about how you get back into your home and stay there safely.

Your home is an investment along with all of those things inside of it. It should be one of your greatest priorities. It is your shelter! There are leantos and tents and all that but your roof and your insulation are your greatest survival tool. We abandon our homes to easily and I think that’s a problem in the survival community.

Don’t miss this episode of I AM Liberty. We are also going to talk briefly about our 30 day yoga challenge for the folks interested in the very physical side of I AM Liberty.
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