October 16, 2021


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Survivor Jane on The Prepping Academy

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Survivor Jane on The Prepping Academy
Forrest Garvin “The Prepping Academy

8-12-16 downloadOn this episode of The Prepping Academy Forrest and Kyle will be interviewing Survivor Jane.

Jane is city-girl turned prepper/homesteader after moving to the Appalachian Mountains from the metropolitan city of Orlando. She is the creator and editor of the disaster survival and preparedness website HERE .

Her mission is to help educate people Survivor Jane on The Prepping Academyon how to better prepare themselves by sharing her experiences and research in an easy to understand, straight-forward manner on various preparedness topics. As an additional outreach, Jane also created the hashtag #PrepperTalk resulting in the Largest Prepper Community forum on Twitter therefore bringing people from all over the world together to discuss all things “preparedness”.

1 Emergency Survival HygieneAfter noticing what seemed to be a lack on the focus of personal hygiene and cleanliness in preparedness planning, Jane authored the book “Where There is No Cosmetic Counter” and it’s first revision, “Survivor Jane’s Guide to:Emergency/Survival Hygiene – A Prepper Cookbook on Making Survival Hygiene Products. She is a contributor to National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Preppers blogTV and to numerous preparedness periodicals such as Prepper and Shooter Magazine and Prepare Magazine. She was featured in Season 4 of Doomsday Preppers; with a focus on back-to-basic preparedness and the 2015 Special Newsweek Edition – OFF-GRID.

8-12-16 Color_PatchD_smallWhen Jane isn’t writing for her disaster survival and preparedness website, you will find her on any one of her social media network sites discussing preparedness. She is a national public speaker at various preparedness conventions and expos; as well the co-host of Prepper Camp; a three-day total immersion event held yearly on preparedness, survival and homesteading skills.
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