June 30, 2022


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Situational Awareness
Are you Aware?
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Situational AwarenessHave you ever been out in public and noticed people walking down the street and see them with their noses in their phones and completely unaware of what is going on around them? I know I have, and I often wondered what these people would do if something around them bad happened, or if they would even notice.

9-21-16-imagesWhere do you sit when you go to a restaurant? With your back to the door? With your eye on your food or merchandises? It may seem a bit paranoid but part of being a prepper is knowing what is around you and the signs of something bad. I have a habit of looking around when I go anywhere, noticing people, what they are doing, what they could be carrying.

Prepping is not just about food storage, it is about personal security for you and your loved ones. The way to start to be efficient in security is working on your situational awareness. As a society we have so many distractions that prevent us from seeing what is going on around us, cell phones, music players, computers, tablets, etc. etc. While this technology is not bad, it can be a major distraction to us, and we need to have a time and place to use them.

There are many things you probably do that you do not realize can make yourself very vulnerable. Key moments in your life that you get so comfortable with that you do not see, but others do. I will give a few tips and tricks I have learned and a few things that may help you. Be more aware and more self-conscious about whats going on in public and around you. As always enjoy the show and questions are always great!
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2 thoughts on “Situational Awareness!

  1. Highlander, we met last night (Sept. 21) on chat. GG1958. I’m listening to your show and I can so relate. I’m listening to situational awareness from Sept. 19. I see this kind of thing all the time. People’s heads are down in the media – but even worse, most of the kids are in clothes and shoes that they could not respond to an emergency. It totally blows my mind. They wouldn’t be able to run if needed. I am often on a campus with my son and I see this all time. Guys are in flip flops and the girls carry all kinds of stuff dressed in skimpy clothes and heels and have their heads buried in their phones. I’ve seen them walk up to their cars like this and they never ever look up. They’ll stand there for a good while. I’ve often watched around me to see if anyone else is looking at them. They are completely oblivious. Glad you made this show!

    1. Thanks! yes it is an epidemic in our country and I think that we need to really wake up and realize how distracted we are and come to the conclusion this world isn’t all peaches and cream. Thanks for listening!

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