October 20, 2021


Self reliance and independence


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Simple American Thought!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Simple American ThoughtIt’s still possible to live a simple life today. Some of the most recent events in my life have brought me to the conclusion that this is what life is about ‘Simplicity”. This same idea can be grafted into you preparedness. I will talk about that on this show. Are we over thinking, over doing and just complicating our preparedness plans. There are natural steps one can take to achieve an optimal level of preparedness without the stresses of living some kind of double life. The only caveat is you must be willing to live your life simply.

9-22-16-declaration_of_independence_with_firearmThe new mantra of I AM Liberty is one that will reflect my own lifestyle and aspirations. This show has been little more than a reflections of my efforts and beliefs. I will talk about the new Mantra of the I AM Liberty show. This is SIMPLE, AMERICAN, THOUGHT. I cannot think of three more words that better describe what we are trying to achieve. We talked about simplicity already. Our topics are uniquely American and all root in the concern of the quality of life in America. Now what about This show? A thought is defined as the product of mental activity. More than anything else the point of I AM Liberty is to spur mental activity on the topics of the day.

There is some much news and we will touch on much of it on the show this week. Still, my goal will be for you to walk away with a bit of an idea about how you can simplify. I have been getting a lot of followers lately with SIMPLE in their description and I wasnt quite sure what they meant but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Life is as hard as we make it.  Lets work together to simplify this thing and get back to enjoying our lives and protecting our freedoms. Dont miss this episode of the I AM Liberty Show.

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