September 25, 2021


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Preppers Resolutions, for the New Year

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Preppers Resolutions, for the New Year and Beyond
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Preppers Resolutions, for the New YearWe are going to set the tone for the New Year, and beyond on this episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program. Bestselling author, and founder of Freedom Preppers, Bobby Akart, will share his suggested resolutions for Preppers, not only for the upcoming year, but for an intricate part of your preparedness plan.

Preppers are planners. We have discussed the difference between homesteaders on one end of the preparedness spectrum and survivalists, on the other. Preppers take the best of both of those worlds and create a cohesive, comprehensive plan to address the many threats we face. On this final episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program, I want to provide you ten resolutions for the New Year, and beyond.

These suggestions are not all inclusive, and they are not designed just for seasoned, or beginner preppers. They will be a reminder of the importance of developing the proper mindset, using your purchasing power properly, and thinking outside the box.

Here is the list that I will expand upon:

1. Develop a Preppers Mentality
2. Practice Situational Awareness
3. Commit to a comprehensive Preparedness Plan
4. Get into Prepper Shape
5. Systematically build up your prepper supplies: Beans – Band-Aids – Bullets
6. Establish a bug-out plan: Location, Transportation, & Route
7. Become self-reliant: Financially, Medically & Day-to-Day-Life
8. Learn to grow and store your own food and water
9. Learn basic medical skills
10. Never let your guard down
11. Wait, what? You said ten! This list is not all inclusive. I have enjoyed learning from all of you so I’m encouraging you to call into the program and share your knowledge and suggestions. The number is (347) 202 – 0228.

Also, please join me in welcoming the new show which will be filling my time slot starting January 12 – The APN Report. Hosted by long-time friend of the American Preppers Network, Bob Hawkins, the APN Report will provide you a steady dose of self-reliance, self-sustainability, and resource independence.
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