August 11, 2022


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PrepperCon and Training Opportunities!

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PrepperCon and Training Opportunities
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PrepperCon and Training OpportunitiesHow does a prepper get better? Some would say it happens through rigorous practice and for those who are very dedicated, maybe that’s an option. For the rest of us, we really don’t have a ton of time to devote to constantly working on skills and procedures. So what is the answer for the 9-5er and the person who is struggling to stay on the highest level of emergency preparedness? Well, it would seem that the growing amount of prepping and survival-based shows can offer some options.

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This year I will be going to Utah to take part in PrepperCon 2018. This is one of the biggest prepper shows in the country and is a great opportunity for me to network as a businessman but also to learn some new techniques on my own. While these prepper conventions may seem like a big money pit for most of us there are also demos by people who you will never get to see again. These demos are priceless learning opportunities to sharpen your bushcraft skills and any number of other skills.

On this opportunity we are going to talk about the coming PrepperCon as well as other shows and training opportunities around the country. You may not be able to commit financially to a $300 training course but you better be able to throw $10 at one of these survival expos. It’s a great investment and you will walk away with serious value added to your life and experience.

When people want to get better at things they train. Right? We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to learn a profession in college but when it comes to skills that could save our lives we wont even invest on the cost of admission. That’s a problem. Don’t miss this episode of the I AM Liberty Show as we tackle PrepperCon 2018.

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