Preparing for the Holidays

Preparing for the Holidays
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Preparing for the HolidaysMy new book is launching today and I thought it would be important that we talk about the risks in America as well as how we can enjoy this holiday season without concern of being offed by some violent refugee or even a natural born citizen. The level of disenfranchisement through this holiday season will be like nothing we have seen in some time. This is because the election will be over and either Hillary Clinton will be running our country or we will be on the roulette wheel of a Donald Trump presidency. That said I think this season requires some attention.

3-survive-a-mass-shootingLike it or not the holy days are upon us and there is not much we can do about that. We have to enjoy these days. I know it’s easy to log on Amazon and do all of your shopping online and even ship those gifts to folks who live just down the road from you. America needs to get out and comingle again. I wrote Survive a Mass Shooting to make people aware of their power and get them out of hiding. If this is a reality that we must face as a nation than it’s important that you know how to handle yourself.

We can spend our holidays hiding or worrying about the evil that could be. On this show we talk about our options. We talk a little bit about god and family as well. Let’s be honest, it takes safety, security and love to be a great nation. No matter what happens in November we are still going to be a great nation. This is not because of the terrible people in office but because of the incredible people that make up America. Don’t miss this episode of the I AM Liberty Show.
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