May 17, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Predicting The Future!
Forrest & Kyle “The Prepping Academy” Audio in player below!

Welcome to “The Preppig Academy.” This Predicting The Futureprogram in the player below is all about the future. That’s right, Forrest and Kyle predict the future. Well, kind of; you’ll have to stay alive and listen next year to see if they were right!

It seems as though almost every New Year folks across the internet want to put out some predictions for what is coming. Of course, a lot of times people can be way off. Y2k, 2012, alien invasions, the list goes on and on. So if people are typically wrong are predictions still important to have? Absolutely! Walking in to anything without some planning and analysis is horribly irresponsible. The trick is to make sure you’re reading all the signs properly. So Forrest and Kyle will be providing a unique insight to the year you won’t be hearing from anyone else.

In addition to the predictions our hosts will also be discussing goals for 2017. Now are these “New Years Resolutions?” Far from it. These are things that need to be done. The holidays are over. Time to evaluate your preps preppers. You have 364 days to tighten the belt and get stuff done. So whether it’s losing 20lbs, getting another 3 months of freeze dried food, more ammo, or even establishing your bug out location- it is time to get it done!

Now last week, Forrest gave Kyle a bunch of flak over his conspiracy theory. So this week Kyle is going to be discussing something from ancient times that some folks believe we may still be experiencing and see yet again. The Nephilim. Giants among men born from the fallen angels themselves. Probably sounds utterly insane, but is there evidence to support it? We’ll hear what Kyle has to say about it this coming Friday.
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