August 14, 2022


Self reliance and independence

A Nation Can Fall
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A Nation Can FallAnother socialist paradise ruled by a charismatic leader, who was loved by Hollywood, has fallen. It goes to show you the great judgement of those we like to idolize in our nation. Sean Penn, most notably, was in love with Hugo Chavez. The leader who manipulated the prices of products and forced retailers to sell products at prices that caused them to go broke and close up shop. Are you aware that the Venezuelan people have been so desperate for food that they stormed the zoo and ate the animals. One of the those priceless tidbits that drives home the fact that total socialism is an economic collapse in the making .

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I write on this topic not to bash socialism but to remind you that even today a nation can fall. In 2017 an oil producing nation can have its people eating monkeys if they aren’t careful. These constant reminders of the desperate in Venezuela should inspire you to prepare for the worst. These things are possible.

Starvation – In this day and age its hard to imagine anyone starving to death in American. The truth is, its very possible. As far back as May there were children starving to death in Venezuela. People have been attacking food trucks and riots by the thousands have no become commonplace. What could be learned from this economic collapse?

Food Storage and the power of having extra
Sustainable food sources grown on your own property
Self Reliance from the powerful centralized food systems
Medical Supply Shortages – Antibiotics and IV solutions were in short supply early. This made treating those who were increasingly ill thanks to the lack of food much harder. The conditions of the country also deteriorated creating hygiene and health problems that only exacerbated the problem. Though you may not want to setup a personal hospital in your home there are some items that you better stock up on.

Nitrile Gloves
Trash Bags
These will help you setup a quarantine room and isolate the sick from your healthy family members

antihistamine ointment
Antibiotic Ointment
Also have some basic medical supplies and medications

Safety Pins
Cotton swabs
Pain and fever reducer
Anti inflammatory
Allergy meds
Extra prescription meds
Blackouts – On one truly horrific occasion all of . The respirators in the maternity ward stopped working due to a power outage. Three newborns died by the next morning. I can only image the grief. What do you need to survive a power outage. We aren’t talking EMP here so lets use our heads when we consider what’s possible.

Solar Generator
Solar Power Sources for devices
Gas or Solar cooking options
USB chargeable flashlights (stop worrying about batteries)
Gas generator
Wood for heat
Fans for Cooling

The likelihood of a national collapse in America is not my biggest concern. Seeing places like Detroit and Connecticut struggle I get nervous about what’s possible at the state and local level. We are likely to see more states unable to pay pensions and provide services. If there is no plan for dealing with this and FED doesn’t make it work we will see more of this. The sad part about it all is that good people who have done the right thing all their lives can be caught up in a collapse. Don’t be one of them Get prepared today!

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