December 3, 2022


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More Discipline Part 2 – Sight & Appearance!

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More Discipline Part 2 – Sight & Appearance!
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More Discipline Part 2 – Sight & AppearanceYou need more discipline and this week we are continuing with Part 2 of our series. Last week was smell and how to exercise more OPSEC on smoke, fire, cooking, and body odor. This week we begin covering sight and appearance. Specifically, we will be covering light and sight discipline. Meaning keeping light signatures low so as not to give away your position or capabilities in the fact that you have power or supplies for lighting. Another topic we are going to cover is how others might see you. Things like keeping your yard clean of trash in order to avoid attention or by putting certain trash out to make it looked like your house has already been looted. We will also cover ideas about how you and your family look to others or how you want them to see you. Are you well-kept and fat or do you look dirty and malnourished?

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In this show we will cover some ideas for minimizing or elimination other being able to see you and your resources. Ideas like no smoking avoid open fires; use Dakota Holes and Sun Ovens. We will also touch on flash lights and lights inside your house. You should conceal flashlights by using a filter lens or cat eyes. Red lens filters are great as the human eye can detect short wavelengths a lot better than longer wavelengths meaning we see blue and purple better than dark reds. We talk about some of the dangers too because using a flashlight give your enemy a target to aim for. In addition to lens covers we will also talk about painting reflective surfaces and covering up windows. You don’t want someone catching a glint off your chrome when you are trying to hide. You really don’t want anyone catching a sliver of light coming from inside your house. We have a ton of information to cover.

Curious to learn more? Join me this Friday as we discuss sight and appearance discipline.

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