June 30, 2022


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Is Your Home SHTF Ready?

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Is Your Home SHTF Ready?
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Is Your Home SHTF Ready?Is your home SHTF ready? We will find this out and perhaps give you a few ideas of what you could do or expect if you’re not “Home Ready”. With the growing threat of everyday random violence even the best among us can go bad in desperate times. Take a father who has a starving child, he may take what you have, plunder and perhaps kill to feed that child. Starvation is a huge motivator, I will explorer this and other home ready topics..

On this episode of Survival and Tech Preps we will be exploring food storage. We take a look at how to utilize the space that you have so you can store more with less room. While scoffed at by many preppers I can say I did learn a thing or two from Doomsday Prepper’s television show. As an example, food storage in some pretty creative spaces, such as hollowed out doors or in between wall joists behind your drywall or panel, a great spot for cans!

We will look into how you can store water and food in this manner to be a little safer. Some may think this is paranoia but desperate people can do desperate things. You can never know what to expect from others in desperate times.

We also look at fortification in your home, your doors, your windows, etc… The easiest access is windows but there are ways to fortify those which can be tricky in some cases. What about weapons you should have in your home? How you can use them for you and your family in the event of an emergency. Hopefully this show will give you some ideas and help you with some skills you might need to setup your home. As always enjoy the show!
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