December 8, 2021


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The Death of Geraldine Largay a Case Study!

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The death of Geraldine Largay a case study!
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival

This week on the 7 P’s of Survival Radio Show we The death of Geraldine Largay a case studywill be doing a case study on the Appalachian Trail thru-hiker Geraldine Largay who became lost on the Appalachian Trail July 22, 2013, survived for at least 26 days, died from hunger/dehydration and whose body was ultimately recovered in October of 2015.

I admittedly had not heard of this incident prior to this week when the search and rescue body who handled the case released 1,500 pages of information concerning the search for this lost hiker. We will talk about what Geraldine Largay had with her (from what I have read), what happened roughly, where she went wrong, what she could have done differently, and more.

5-31-06 8342b3d683ec9db60e1f7a8a9e1c6bc4This case study allows us to talk about kit preparations, navigation, search and rescue, wilderness self-reliance skills, and much more. I have already read several articles stating if she only had a compass she would have still been alive today….Well I can tell you right now, I wear a compass 24/7/365 and if I were dropped into the middle of no where without a sense of what was in each direction of me then I would be no better off than she was. Geraldine Largay did have a trail map (I assume its one of the generic ones found at the trail head for free that are of limited value but at least let you know if you travel north you find a road or west you find a town or south you find a lake) which probably could have been enough to save her live with the help of a compass. Add in a knowledge of edible plants and a few other principals she probably could have made it out of the ordeal alive.

The items found with her included trail staples such as toothpaste, baby powder, a first aid kit, cord twine, a pencil and pen and a paper trail map. Those are no where near the top of my woods priorities but I guess that is the differential between a backpacker and an outdoors man.
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