Complacency a hotbed of disaster!

Complacency a hotbed of disaster!
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Complacency a hotbed of disaster!Becoming prepared is a fluid thing, just when you think you have the bases covered something else seems to pop up. Part of the reason of course is the very nature of preparing. Preparedness means you are ready! (Ready for what?), becomes the question of course. There are so many areas of our lives, that becoming prepared in all of them is quite the challenge. In actuality how wonderful is that?

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I know setting goals and meeting them is a real confidence and self-esteem booster. So thinking that you may never fully become prepared might be a bit of a downer but only if you limit yourself. Becoming complacent about preparing for life is a threat to us all. It is vital that we realize that every area of our lives should be lived consciously and thus prepared. Once you are on the road to preparedness life becomes much easier all the way round.

A Preppers Path takes a look at complacency in the world of preparing or the complacent prepper. Becoming complacent in the world of preparing while providing a sense of self satisfaction and in some cases an air of smugness may give you some momentary pleasure however the real deal is that if you’ve reached this place in your life of preparedness you are woefully unaware of the actual dangers or deficiencies in your preparedness plan. This complacency is never good and can lead not only you but those you love and care about into very dangerous waters.

Listen in as we discuss the slippery path to complacency in our Preps, the warning signs, and tips to help us escape the dangers of becoming complacent. Are you complacent? You might be surprised to find out just how complacent you are. New preppers out there it is something for you to think about and those who have been preparing for years maybe decades, perhaps you are the most complacent of all. Don’t be an unusually unaware or uninformed Prepper who thinks he/she has all the bases covered, one quick tip, if you already think this I promise your Complacent, and you need this show.

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