May 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Being Prepared To Survive
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian

In the end, I think I brought myself to a revelation as to just what it means to be a prepper

PreparedNever have I been so hard pressed to come up with a show description as I am now. When I first sat down to record this episode, it was intended as another general chit chat type of show covering an eclectic collection of thoughts on various topics. What it turned out to be was so much more than I ever expected. The show went from explaining why we shouldn’t concentrate so much on specific possible events and focus simply on losing systems of support to how we define ourselves as survivalists or preppers and why using a word and it’s dictionary definition is simply not possible.

PreparedDuring this week’s show, I’ll also talk about “American Blackout”, which was supposed to be an episode all to itself, but I felt that it could be condensed into another thought process, so long as the biggest lesson to be learned was brought to the forefront. Also, I bring into the conversation the idea of current events as a prepper/survivalist raison d’etre, and how this is really a matter for all people to be concerned with, not as an issue for us alone against the sheeple.

In the end, I think I brought myself to a revelation as to just what it means to be a prepper, or a survivalist, or a whatever you want to call yourself and the voyage throughout the show is neither straight, nor centered on any one specific topic. I hope that you seriously listen to all the individual topics that I started out with and see just how it all rolled out into something I certainly never expected it to.
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