Paracord and the Endless Uses!
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Today on Tech Preps we will talk about the various para-cord and what we can use it for. This little bit of technology has served us well for many years as a must have in anyone’s kit. There are so many uses paracord that I do not really know where to begin.

I have various forms of this in my kit, my vehicle that I carry with me everywhere. I will go over how it is made, the various types, strengths, and uses. Paracord or “cordage” as it is referred to in the prepper and bush crafting community is one of the best things to have besides a knife and food in the woods. We will talk about why you should have this on you, in your pack, on a knife, in your vehicle and the best kind to buy.

11-23-15 Cool-Paracord-ProjectsThere are a lot of spin offs out there so you can be fooled very easily about the type and quality you might need. I will also talk about some new stuff that is hitting the market called firecord, this is a great thing to have in any bush crafter or bugout bag. The firecord not only has strength of paracord but also has the ability to create tinder within the paracord core itself, so I will discuss this and show photos of this stuff in action.

11-23-15 maxresdefaultI will discuss what I use it for and maybe give you some tips as to what you can use it for and how to store it. I will also give a few tips on how to maintain paracord and it various knots to try to fashion to keep it from slipping on you in load bearing situations. As always we will be taking questions from the chat and taking calls from the audience.
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