Normalcy & Abnormalcy bias, finding Balance!

Normalcy & Abnormalcy bias, finding Balance! 
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian

NormalcyAs preppers, we are all familiar with the term “normalcy bias”.  A state of mind in which people ignore the obvious in preference of perfect world syndrome, where even though bad things happen, they will either not happen to you, or will be of little to no consequence if something does.  Those that suffer from normalcy bias often scoff not only at the thought of whichever conspiracy theory has become popular that week, but also are either oblivious to, or ignorant of every day threats that are on the six o’clock news almost every day.  Never mind the idea of the economy not being as good or stable as we once thought it was.

NormalcyOn the other side of the coin, we also see examples of abnormalcy bias.  A state of mind where every event becomes a sign of impending doom.  Abnormalcy bias comes from the constant practice of reading more into a scenario than truly exists, or at the very least, not putting threats into perspective.

There is a way to achieve a balance between these two conditions, and you need to have this balance just to keep from going completely coocoo for coco puffs.  First, we must ask why someone would want us to believe whichever pile of steaming manure they are shoveling.  More often than not, greed is the motive behind the actions.  In the end, it really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference why, so long as you keep preparing.  If you think of things in terms of impact versus probability, you will feel a whole lot better about life in general.  Also, realizing that when you have a plan in place for a certain event, the reason why that event happened matters little.
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