May 20, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Prepping 101 In the beginning… or… How I scared the crap out of myself.
Richard McGrath ” Finding Freedom” Audio in player below!

Prepping 101 In the beginningWhere to start and what to do when you come to realize that we really are not as secure and comfortable as we like to think we are.Once the shade is lifted and blinders taken off, there really is no way of going back.

My “awakening” if you will was brought on by a book many have probably read in the beginning as well. A friend of mine whom was already into the prepared life, army (although at the time I didn’t know this) knew that I like to read. So he turned me on to a book called One Second After.

That story was a real eye opener. It got the wheels turning and my curiosity peaked. I had never really read a post apocalyptic or dystopian story prior to that. I was so intrigued by it that that I thought to myself “Hey, I could write a story about a guy just starting out and discovering this “prepper stuff, and base it off myself”. Then I picked up a book titled 299 Days by Glen Tate…… SOB! This guy had stolen my idea and wrote the book before it was even MY idea!

Well, I plowed through all 10 of those books in the series and thirsted after more. I read every fiction book I could come up with in that genre as fast as I could find them. The more I read the more lost I became. I knew what needed to be done. But where to start? It was all so overwhelming. I had myself in such a tizzy and full of duress that I was literally at a standstill before ever moving.

The thing I started with that brought instant gratification was getting a handgun. I’ve always been interested in firearms and like to shoot, but had never done anything about it. Self defense. Protection for my family and I. A way to stay safe and protect the people in my life and the things I was going to need to acquire.
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