August 17, 2022


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Morals of Prepping and A look back

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Morals of Prepping and A look back
Host: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours

MoralsThis week we have some fun talking about our past shows, and discussing a few of the “morals” that surround prepping and especially processing your own food, or to be frank, killing animals. That is not the only moral dilemma some people face, yet it is sure a big one for many. As we look back and discuss our past shows we touch on this issue and how we feel about each subject along with what some others may think.

Morals and prepping? Yes, it is worth that discussion! Lets take a couple or family that may have a vegan in it.. What can you do to raise your own meat? At WeGrowOurs we love adding protein to our gardens and believe that “live food storage” is a major part of prepping. Can you live in an environment where you offend another? Can they live with you? What about a religious person that opposes drinking, is distilling alcohol OK?

studio1We attempt to open this conversation a bit while we have fun talking about our past episodes. Eating bugs is a fun one. Don has some strong moral reasons that he thinks people should give eating bugs a chance, Nick… not so much. So lets have some fun this week with a look back at what we have done so far, and maybe even get a sneak peak forward with a few things that Nick and Don are working on.. After the homestead conference we have some big fodder plans and you may get to see Nick on TV and maybe Don will make an appearance as well!

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