June 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

What kind Prepper Are you?
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What kind Prepper Are you?When we look at the many types of preppers, what type do you consider yourself? The timid one, that tries to avoid all conflict, or are you a fighter?

There are roughly 18 types of known preppers and the various aspects of each, some good, some bad. This show will be more of an identification type of show. What kind of prepper are you? If you can identify what type you are, you might be able to find like minded people and the resources to help you along this path. If you do not like the road you are on with your way of prepping maybe there are others. In this show we talk about what’s out there and give you some insight as to what other paths you can go down.

10-24-16-imagesThe need to self-identify is evident in all aspects in our lives. Prepping even more when we are talking about survival of ourselves, family and loved ones. There seems to be a lack of understanding or knowledge out there to the mental aspects of prepping. Most focus a lot on the physical aspects but don’t get me wrong; this may be a big part of it for you. However the need to find out how you compare to others personalities and methods of achieving their prepper goals is important.

When the need arises to build, to plan, to plant, to hunt, like-minded people in any community will be an asset. I will go over what I identify with and what path I have taken and how I achieved what I have. Maybe you can identify as the same, maybe another that I will list. Whatever it is I hope this can help you think about and learn that the mental aspect of prepping is extremely important. The need for it is a necessity and in the worst case of shtf we might have rebuild the world. So please join us in the chat and questions are always welcome!
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