August 7, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Road Less Traveled!
Host: Noreen “The Homestead Honey Hour”

roadSome of you may know the popular poem of the same name, penned by American Icon Robert Frost. It is a beautiful piece of prose that always makes me think. It really is a fine prescription for how to live your life.

On this episode of the Homestead Honey Hour join me, Noreen for an hour of introspection. A metaphoric journey on the road less traveled and how it relates to the lives that we choose to live. In this chosen lifestyle, no matter what you like to call it, prepping, homesteading, preparedness, survivalism, we are all choosing the road less traveled and sometimes we wonder, should we have taken the other road?

Road Which-roadIn times of doubt we may wish we had made different choices, but when we step back we realize that the road we are on is the right one indeed. Sometimes when faced with a fork in the road, we must make a choice. Sometimes the road is smooth and even. It may be the road is harsh and rocky. We all have the choice to make, regardless of what those around us may think about our choice, the choice is still ours to make and to live with. It is certain we will face more than one fork in this road of life. We are certain to make the choice over and over again. In the end we must never regret what we have done and know that we have made the best choice for ourselves.

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1 thought on “The Road Less Traveled!

  1. What has me afraid is we are not able to sustain our selves with space for gardens livestock, poultry etc. I grew up like that
    Now houses are so crammed together, so beautiful but not able to sustatin you. This concerned me greatly.

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