September 23, 2021


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Purchases, Training, and Mindset!

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Purchases, Training, and Mindset!
Forrest & Kile “The Prepping Academy

Purchases, Training, and MindsetThank you for tuning in to listen to “The Prepping Academy.” We’ve had some amazing guest the past two weeks. If you missed out on our shows with “Survivor Jane” and “Skinny Medic” be sure to head over to the prepping academy to listen to the archived shows. The two of them were able to share with us a wealth of information and also their personal experiences that led them to become preppers.

8-24-16 prep101Prior to that Forrest and Kyle had been covering their “Prepping 101” series. This series is intended for newcomers and veteran preppers. If you’ve just started it will be an excellent guide to evaluating what steps you need to be taking from two long time preppers with more than 30 years combined experience. If you’re a vetern prepper our hope is that you’ll listen to evaluate your preps and maybe we’ll be able to shed some light on some weaker areas.

8-24-16 SunJack-649x432When we last left off we had covered up to the first 120 days of your prepping journey. As with the first two sections of the series we will be covering purchases, training actions, and mindset. These items all go hand in hand. As we’ve said before, you can have all the most expensive guns and gadgets, but if you don’t have the mindset it’s all going to be worthless. A few items we will be discussing more in depth are: power options, backup communications, primary and secondary firearms, prepping your bug out bag, char cloth, and camping. We will also be discussing Kyle’s conspiracy of the week. Don’t forget to head over to and sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter drawing is quickly approaching!
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