May 23, 2022


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The Great Divide ~ Preparedness Then & Now!

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The Great Divide ~ Preparedness Then & Now!
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The Great Divide ~ Preparedness Then & NowThe Great Divide for some will conjure up thoughts of the Continental Divide, a geological divide of the America’s by mountain ranges that drain to the Pacific and the Atlantic, but for others the Great Divide might be bring thoughts of music of a band so called and still others will think of a 2012 movie comedy while others will think of it in terms of society and those things that divide us.

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In the world of preparedness there is also a Great Divide. Again we could look at the term in different perspectives but one of the foremost issues of becoming prepared is centered on who we prepare for and that impacts how we prepare. Perspectives vary from person to person and like it or not from generation to generation. These different perspectives are influenced by a wide range of topics but they all center basically upon generational interpretations of the world and what is going on in it, how it affects each of us. There are at present four generations all still currently in our work force, and this is a first. We have traditionalist, baby-boomers, Generation X and the Millennials or Echo-Boomers all living and working together all with very different interpretations of life and how we should live it.

What does this mean to us in terms of becoming prepared. Does it impact us at all? It is considered a strange new world out there for more than one traditionalist, baby-boomer or even many Generation X people, and all the while those tagged as being Millennials just don’t get it,what’s the problem with you people. Tune in Tuesday to A Preppers Path as we examine the plus and minus between the Generations and how it can change how we prepare. Be sure to tune in, we talked about this 5 years ago before it was much of a buzz in the scheme of things but with another generation on the horizon and soon to enter society what can we do to minimize conflict and confusion.

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