Extroverts or Introverts in Prepping!

Extroverts or Introverts in Prepping!
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Extroverts or Introverts in Prepping!I bet most of you have never even heard these terms before right? Well basically an extrovert is a very outgoing, and friendly type of person whereas an introvert is not. Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation. On this episode of Survival and Tech Preps we will go over both of these traits and see what we are most apt to be.

7-18-16 18758828536_eb383fba17_oI myself believe I am a full on introvert. But the psychology behind it is still growing and we can be classified as one or the other or somewhere in the middle known as a hybrid, so we will explore this in detail and see what we tend to be. Hopefully with this information we would be more apt to find more compatible prepping partners and groups that match our personality profile.

There is no problem or stigma with being either one, it is just how we are wired. Personally I think an introvert will make the best prepper. We tend to see things a bit differently than the average person. We have a more open mind and are better aware of what is going on around us.

7-18-16 635870261649222786-1017503793_extroverts_750x4001There are many ways to test yourself which I will talk about on the show and even introduce the chat room to an online survey you can take to see exactly what is going on in that head of yours! I believe that the need for personality profiling on yourself and others that you may put your life in the hands of is key to survival. We always think we just need food, weapons and skills to survive when our mental well being is just as important. To classify yourself of who you would get along with is certainly a leg up on survival. So enjoy the show and as always questions are welcome!
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