June 30, 2022


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Dealing with Survivor Guilt in a Disaster!

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Dealing with Survivor Guilt in a Disaster
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Dealing with Survivor Guilt in a DisasterHave you ever seen or been involved in a major traumatic event and wondered how you survived? Do you believe that you did something wrong by surviving a traumatic event when others did not? If you were in the crowd of the Las Vegas shooting or a passenger in one of the Amtrak derailments, you may ask yourself why you survived. Are you a soldier, medical professional, law enforcement officer, EMT, or firefighter thinking you could have done more to save the life of someone? Do you find yourself thinking about what you could have done differently to save a life or reduce a person’s suffering? Congratulations! You are a completely normal human being.

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This is a normal feeling called Survivor guilt, Survivor syndrome, or KZ syndrome. It’s a tough topic, but one you will be dealing with in a SHTF scenario. After the apocalypse occurs and the dust settles you are going to wonder why you survived when those around did not. First identified in the 1960’s it is the feeling of guilt we all get when asking the woulda, coulda, shoulda questions. If you are feeling this, know there are several ways to cope with it. A few of these we will talk about include:

Accept what you are feeling and recognize that they are part of a normal reaction to uncommon circumstances.
Know you are not alone. Seek out other people for support.
Grieve those who died. Even if you did not know the person, take the time and space to mourn.
Do something with your guilt. Turn your feelings into positive action.
Don’t get stuck on the ‘whys’. Stop asking ‘why’ and focus on the meaning you can glean from your survival. You lived for a very good reason: Find it.
Curious to learn more? Join me on this episode in player above as we discuss Survivor Guilt, its history, and ways to cope with it.

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