December 5, 2022


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Dark Humor and Coping Mechanisms!

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Dark Humor and Coping Mechanisms
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Dark Humor and Coping MechanismsSo most of you out there love a good laugh. It makes us feel good. We can forget our troubles for the moment. Have you ever wondered if humor can go too far? What happens when humor crosses over into a darker area? What is Dark Humor? What does it mean if we use Dark Humor? When does making fun of a bad situation cross the line and is considered a social faux pas….or does it? Is it physically healthy to use Dark Humor?

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If the world we live in today collapses and the conveniences we enjoy each day fall away life is going to be very different. You yourself most likely will deal with extreme situations and terrible deaths you would never dream of. There will be no “safe rooms” with coloring books, calming music, or counselors to talk to. How you deal with the stress of the situation says a lot about the type of person you are.

Ask yourself…are you a psychopath having fun or a rational human being trying to cope with a traumatic situation? Join us on Reality Check this week to find out.

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