May 20, 2022


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Cultivating MacGyver: The Solutions

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Cultivating MacGyver: The Solutions
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Cultivating MacGyver: The SolutionsOh man did you see that he just pulled a MacGyver that whole thing! What? What did I just say. Yes in fact I said he MacGyver’d something or other. He created the solutions. In today’s colloquial American English lexicon when someone “MacGyvers” a solution to a problem, they find a simple yet elegant solution to something using existing resources.

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This of course hearkens back to a television show know as MacGyver airing originally in 1985 thru 1992. The protagonist in the show Angus MacGyver exemplifies a true prepper mind set and abilities. Not because he has done the basics when it comes to preparing such as making a plan and then completing it but rather because he often operates when and where there is no plan or seemingly any resource. His abilities to see resources where there they don’t appear to be and to think out of the box in serious situations enables him to successfully cure what ails.

We in the world of preparedness often talk about and study the basics, we talk about get out bags, knowing how to create one where to store it and when to use it, we talk about food storage, how to find potable water even how to create a shelter in times of disaster and these are indeed vital elements, but we don’t often talk about is our mind set, our mental abilities. What are we capable of? Can we learn to be a MacGyver, are we born resourceful or can we develop it? Join A Preppers Path on this show as we Cultivate MacGyver into our world of preparedness.

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