holesMaking The Holes Whole! As folks who try to live a self sufficient lifestyle it is important to us to try very hard to make sure that we have everything necessary to carry out our every day tasks and have a comfortable life, no matter what obstacles the world may throw in our way. A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about the current state of the world and the things that were floating around in the ether we call the internet. Certain things seem very dismal to say the least.

There are times when a single sentence can strike you as very profound. In this case, the conversation about the coming potential “end of it all” led to her question. The question was “So, where are your holes?” “My holes?” I asked. “Yes, she said, where do you think you need to fill in any holes in your preparedness plan?” At first I thought and felt that we were good, I went down that mental checklist we all have at a time like this. Water, check. Food, Check. Light, heat, cooking fuel, check, check and check. It wasn’t until I got off the phone with her that I realized exactly how profound the question really was!

holeSo, my question to you all is where are your holes? We all have them! No matter how prepared we think we are. We all have them! Living as prepared as possible can give you a false sense of security. It can make you think that you will always have exactly what you need, want or will need or want should the moment present itself. Do you have enough bandaids? You might think you do, but maybe one of your kids took them and used them to make some science project that you didn’t know about. When you go for the bandaids, they will be gone and you will be left bleeding on the bathroom floor.

Just when we think we have everything we need. We should go take another look and see where those holes really are. That is the topic of this week’s Homestead Honey Hour. Making The Holes Whole. We are all busy and we all desire to be as prepared as possible. We also love being able to go grocery shopping in our basement or in our storage room. There are other factors that play into this. Such as, our ability to use what we have and forget to replace it. Our teenagers never ending hunger and quest to feed it and our forgetful nature as humans.

Lets come together and discuss the holes and how we can do better and keeping them whole. Noreen will be your host and the phones will be open. Lets share how we all keep the holes from happening in the first place and how we can stay on top of our lifestyle in the best way we know how!

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