August 2, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Love and Preparing
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Love familylovequotesWhat is love? When you envision this worst case world I am sure one of the last things on your mind is love. Its very tough to think about these things when your biggest concerns are eating, drinking, and surviving. Still, what are we without this emotion? A group of individuals waddling through a terrible existence with only one goal in life, survival. You literally become the walking dead!

Love has been twisted a bit by media. Though I study the great William Shakespeare his works on love pushed a society to jealousy and confusion. There is a big difference between falling in love and the art and endurance of love. Removing a bit of your heart and sharing it with other people is a very different experience. Believe it or not it is in fact love that has driven the world to make its most incredible advances. It was probably love for ones family that drove the first cavemen into out of the caves to explore the world. It is my hypothesis that if we nose dive as a country or a world it will be hard work and love that will bring us back

IAMTonight I want to talk about preparing for love in your life today and post collapse. Its a game changer in humanity. We dont eat our young instead, like no other animal, we die for them. I want to discuss what love is and the difference between falling in love. Also we will read from some of my favorite texts about love.
I warn you. This podcast cannot be duplicated. We also have a new site and an exciting podcast special to talk about.
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