September 25, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Live from Prepper Camp
Forrest and Kyle “The Prepping Academy

9-16-16-pcFrom Prepper Camp this week Forrest calls in directly from Saluda, North Carolina while attending “Prepper Camp.” Connections are good and we discuss a variety of topics and  speak with a few attendees and other speakers. This is a yearly event put on by Rick Austin and Survivor Jane.

You may remember Survivor Jane as being our very first guest on air. Events like these are few and far between around the USA. These folks don’t make a great amount of money off these events and they do a tremendously great job of emulating what prepping is truly about. Being prepared and helping others. As a long time prepper I can tell you first hand events like this are essential to our community.

9-16-16-fgbackIf you have never had the opportunity to attend “Prepper Camp” it’s something worth while to look in to. Forrest will be bringing back interviews filled with lots of great information and more details. A lot of major names in prepping attend this meeting of the minds to help people prepare. If you want to know more about it check out to see a full list of speakers and the topics.

9-16-16-prepper_camp_activity_3Kyle also calls in for the show and has his way with a night of conspiracy and current events. It’s going to be a great night to listen to “The Prepping Academy” as we get the best info to you from expert Preppers. 

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