August 9, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Lights Out Saga
Host: Tara & Common Sense Prepping
Lights OutTonight Tara & Common Sense Prepping radio show (the first episode of the new preparedness radio show) will feature Lights Out Saga executive producer Travis Fox. The independent movie series is based upon the popular book by author David Crawford.

Travis FoxThe pair of life-long preppers opted to utilize crowd funding websites to help garner funds for their labor of love, like so many independent film teams do these days. Unfortunately for Fox and Crawford, the top crowd funding website venues appear to be extremely opposed to allowing films with gun sponsors to participate. Undeterred by the shunning from liberal websites, the Lights Out Saga creators opened a crowd funding style “store” on their website and are traveling the country as cheaply as possible to attend prepper expos to muster more support for the project. The movie recently earned runner-up honors for “Best Action Sequence on a Feature Length Film” at the Action on Film International Festival.

Lights OutLights Out Saga begins just a few moments before the power grid goes down. Mark Turner (the main character) and his family, friends, and co-workers were mostly blissfully ignorant of the dangers posed by our antiquated and extremely vulnerable power grid before “The Blast” occurred. Crawford intentionally chose to make Turner just an ordinary guy, one who ultimately becomes a reluctant leader by necessity. Although one of the minor characters in the Lights Out Saga spent many years as a prepper, he too was forced to overcome major obstacles when his bugging in plans became no longer feasible.

Although the movie is certainly designed to entertain the audience, it is also being used as a preparedness education vehicle as well. Both Fox and Crawford want to change the way preppers are portrayed in television and on film while highlighting the importance of developing a self-reliant lifestyle for those who have never given a thought to keeping their cupboards full, learning how to shoot a gun, or grow their own food. The more folks who are prepared, the smaller the marauding hordes will be when American faces a mega natural or man-made disaster.
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