It’s Spooky, It’s Halloween!

It’s Spooky, It’s Halloween!
James Walton “I Am Liberty”
Spooky halloween_by_majora28-d4d952iWe are closing in on another spooky Halloween. Lighten up and enjoy it. You probably saw me about two shows back sporting the Deathstroke mask and yes I will be dressing up. No I will not be fighting my sons for their candy but I will be enjoying the festivities. Life is good in the four walls of our homes. Its just what’s outside that is bad.

Renowned sculpture Auguste Rodin is have his work exhibited at the local museum in November. This is very exciting to a guy like me. Whatever that means. He was one of the great artists of our time and anytime. Thinking about that has brought me to some conclusions about the power of Western Civilization and what’s missing in our day to day lives.
Oh yea. Another little headline. China is processing your chicken now. Also the USDA is so cool with it that they don’t even want it to be on the label. There will be no way of knowing if your chicken has been inspected by a well trained American making a decent hourly wage or a Chinese woman making 10 cents a month. Hungry?

Listen in!

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